Working from Home

Some Bloggers Start their Blog to Share their stories, but others are serious and they really do hard work to Make Money with their Blogs.

Working from Home

How to make money with your Website
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I started blogging as a Hobby and now it is turned into a Profitable Online Business, which is right now Making around $500-700 Monthly for me and I’m trying some different things to Make More Money Online.

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As I said, I just started to try few different things, because until June, 2017, my Ease Bedding Dot Com Blog was the only way to Make Money and it was Monetized with only one Way and that is Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Now coming months are full with Festivals, such as Halloween, Christmas etc and that time always Products are on BIG SALE.

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How much money can one Make with a Blog?

So these Bloggers, who are really Serious towards Blogging, they want to Make some Steady Income and I’m  going to Share some Ways, which you can use to Make a Decent Amount of Money on Monthly basis…..

Earning an Income from your Blog depends on your hard work, time Investment on Site and How much Traffic your Blog is Getting and What Kind of Traffic your Blog is getting?

I’ve been Making Money Blogging since I launched my first Blog-Ease Bedding Dot Com.

So my Blog that I started as a Hobby, but within the period of almost five years, it became much more than a Hobby.

Now I work for it as a Business and spend at least 5-6 hours a day and I love it!

I often get some emails from my Readers, who are looking for to Make Money Blogging and there are different Ways to Make Money Blogging.

All these Options, written Below are available to you, but depending on, who you are, What your Industry is like and What your Personal Goals are for your blogging Business.

You can find Below Monetization Ways and read them carefully, then think which is better for your Blog according to the Nature of its Content and  then do some experiments, because each Model doesn’t work for everyone.

How to Make Money with your Blog?

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Post is a Post on a Blog that is Paid for by an Advertiser. There are many Companies, which look for Bloggers to write Sponsored Posts for Brands or Products.

For Sponsored Posts, Company Agrees to Pay you a certain Amount of Money for you to Write a Post Showcasing their Brand or Product.

These Companies look for Blogs, which have good amount of Monthly Traffic on their Blogs, when they are paying for Sponsored Posts.

If your Blog has a Clear Niche and at the same time Good Traffic, then Sponsored Posts can Become a Source of Steady Income.

If you’re interested, then Below are some places you can Start

  • Izea Media
  • Nuffnang
  • Seeding Up
  • Linkvehicle
  • Bzzagent

Affiliate Marketing

Make money with affiliate marketing
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Finding Products, Brands and even Space that you think your Readers might be Interested in and Become an Affiliate.

You can place Ads on Sidebar and include Affiliate Links within your Blog Pages/Posts.

For example Here you can look my Ease Bedding BLOG, how I use Affiliate Links within my Posts/Pages?

When a Reader Clicks on the Advertisement or Affiliate link and Made a Purchase, then you Receive a Percentage of the Sale as a Commission.

Nowadays, there are so many Companies, which have Affiliate Programs; such as Amazon and many more. Find the best one and Apply for one according to your Niche.

Using Affiliate Marketing is Simply means that you Sell other People’s Products to your Audience. If you see any Blog with an Amazon Bookstore, that’s an example of Affiliate Program.

Many People like and trust Amazon, so they feel comfortable promoting Amazon Products to their Readers.

Tips to Promote Amazon Affiliate Links are Given Below:-

I love Affiliate Marketing and that is the only way, which I’m using until now by the time of writing this post (Date May 15, 2020) for my Ease Bedding Dot Com.

In my opinion When you start a New Blog and your Blog is not getting any Traffic at all, even few visitors can Click your Affiliate Ad or Affiliate Link and can make a Purchase, but on the other side Adsense work for those Blogs only, which really have Good Traffic.

So Affiliate Marketing is a Best way to Make Money with your Blog, even when you just started your New Blog. Most people believe that you need a lot of Traffic to Make money with your blog, but while using Affiliate Links, that’s not the case.

The Secret is to Join some Social Networks; such as PINTEREST. Whenever you Publish a New Article, then Share it with all these Channels and second if you have big following it’s all about having Loyal Readers, who are Interested in What you’re talking about.

One more thing, which is so important, make sure you Fully Disclose to let People Know that you’re using Affiliate Links.

I use Affiliate Links in my Ease Bedding Blog(in all posts/Pages) I tried on my Sidebar(Banners), but they didn’t worked for me. So right now I don’t have any Banners on my Blog’s sidebar, but I do have Affiliate Links in my all posts and Pages.

Is Affiliate Marketing the Right Way to Monetize your Blog?

In my opinion yes, because this is the Alone  Way, which is Making around $500-700 Monthly with  Ease Bedding Blog and Recipes with More Dot Com.

Affiliate Marketing works best for those people, who are not interested in Creating their own Products, but do Enjoy engaging like me with their Audience and Recommending Products or Services based on the Audience’s Needs, Affiliate Marketing is for them.

Affiliate Programs you can Sign Up to, are written Below

  • Amazon Associates, I use this one on my Ease Bedding Blog  and Recipes with More Dot Com and I love this program
  • eBay Partner Network
  • ShareASale
  • Commission Junction
  • Affiliate Window
  • Ebates
  • Linkshare and many more, which you can Search on Google.

Join an Advertising Network and place a few Advertisements at Prominent Locations on your Blog. For example; Banners above your Post, in your Sidebar and Beneath or even Between Posts. After placing Banners keep your eye, whether they are working for you or not. If not, then use text links Like I used here in this Post to make money. (Example of Text affiliate links) Because Banners don’t work for me and even I prefer only text link, which look more beautiful and they work more for me.

The more People see Ads of your Advertising Network Places on your Blog, The more Money you Make with this Program.

Some Advertising Network Programs Pay Set amount of CLICKs, otherwise Pay a Set Amount per Thousand Views.

Make money with google adsense
Make money with google adsense

One of the most popular systems to make money with your blog or website is Google Adsense. But I don’t like Google Ads on my Blog Posts, because they make the pages so awful and also make the Website very very slow. I prefer to use only Affiliate links to monetize my Blogs.

  • Adsense
  • AdThrive
  • The Blogger Network

Direct Ad Sales

You can Make Money by Selling Banner Ad Space, but I don’t use this method too, choice is yours.?

Even I got few emails from few companies as well as one from a Blogger, but I don’t want to put banners on my Blog’s Sidebar, because I’m trying to focus on bringing Organic Traffic with Free Ways.

Yes, I’ve good Traffic on my Ease Bedding Blog, still I don’t use Banners from other Companies, despite of getting emails.

I prefer to use my own Blog Posts on Sidebar and they’re bringing even more Money, because Readers can find them easily from sidebar.

The best thing about Selling Direct Sales is that, You are able to Choose, How much you want to Sell the Space and for  How long you want to Place the Ad? For example, 3 months, 6 month or even more.

If they Purchases a Selected Time Period to display the Ad, then you can ask for Payment.

The benefits of using this Ad is that you’ve your own choice to choose the who you want to Advertise on your Blog and offer a range of payment plans.

This type of Program has some Cons; such as,

  1. Nowadays it is not popular anymore, as it was a few years ago
  2. This Ad can misleading to Visitors if the Advertisement is not Relevant
  3. Too many Ads can Slow down your Site Performance

Provide Services

You can use your Blog to Sell Services. Selling Service is, when you do something for a Client in return for Payment.

By offering your Time and Expertise to Businesses that need your Service, you can Make an Income from your Blog.

Services has the good Profit Margins as you’re effectively Selling your time, but not a Physical Product. But your Income is limited to the Number of Hours that you’re available to work.

For example-Promoting your Expertise to deliver Training or Consultancy Services to Business can be a Really Profitable Way to Create an Online Income. Whatever is your Expertise, you can Build up your Profile on your BLOG.

Starting a Blog with WordPress is easier than ever before, because you don’t have to learn Coding or do something etc to start a Blog anymore.

Start your Blog Today!

You can Offer Freelance Services, like Writing or Design. You can also be a Consultant and Offer your Knowledge and Opinion to make money Online.

If you’re good at DESIGN, then there are lots of Opportunities to Offer your Services to Businesses or even to other Bloggers.