How to make Atta Ladoo?

Atta Ladoos are quite popular in Indian families around the World.

I don’t like to eat Sweets from the Market, because they are full of white Sugar.

But I like to eat something that tastes Sweet, but at the same time it is healthy. Especially when it is Winter like here in Canada, then it is the time to make Fresh Pinnies or Ladoos.

There are so many ways to Make Pinnies.

Mostly people use White flour or all Purpose flour, but I don’t use Sugar and White flour for couple of  years.

So in this Recipe it is up to you, if you want, you can use White flour, but I’ll recommend you to use Whole Grain Atta, that’s what I use for to Make Rotis and same way for the Pinnies.

In this Recipe you’re going to learn to Make Atta Pinnies

Atta Ladoo Recipe Instructions

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Ingredients you need are:

  1. Whole Grain Flour One Bowl
  2. Cashew Nuts Powder 10-15 (grind them at home)
  3. Green Rasins 15-20
  4. Jaggery Powder or Jaggery
  5. 2 spoons of Clarified Butter or Deshi Ghee
  6. One Bowl of cold Water for Syrup
  7. Fry Pan

Method to Make Pinnis

  • Fry whole grin Flour in two spoons of clarified Butter on medium flame until it becomes Golden Brown
  • Syrup of Water and Jaggery Powder and reduce it to half or check tar
  • Put your Rasins, Cashew Powder, fried Flour and Jaggery Syrup and mix everything together nicely and then let it cool little bit and make Ladoos of this mixture for required size.
Wholegrain Atta Ladoo Recipe

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