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Khichdi without oil

In Natural Lifestyle, Mohan Gupta(Naturopath) suggests not to use oils in the sabji, because according to him, when we make tadka for any sabji, it makes it acidic. He suggest to soak all vegetables for couple of hours, which we want to cook. For example, if you want to make the sabji of Carrots, Cabbage and Peas. Soak them for couple of hours and then chop them without peeling and just give one to two whistles in the steel pressure cooker.

Best Utensils to Cook your Food

Do not wash any vegetables after chopping. It is the best if you cook your food in Clay Pots, if not then Kansa, Pital, Iron and if not the possibility of using these utensils, then use the Steel Utensils. Never ever use Aluminum Utensils for cooking.

Personally I have never prepared sabji as Mohan Gupta Ji suggests, but I use very little Olive Oil in my Sabji.

Yes, in my Khichdi, I never ever use any oil, and very confidently I can say, it is more tasty, more healthy than by making it with the oil or tadka.

Why to Eat Oil Free Diet?

How to Make Oil free Khichdi?

But why to make our diet without oil or tadka? because Oil is the fat that is pressed out of plant foods, such as olives, coconuts, and other nuts and seeds. For example: Olive Oil is not a whole food like the Olives.

These all types of Oils are processed to make these oils and you’ll not get all of the other nutrients from these types of oils that are in whole olives.

Enjoying whole foods in their whole state is optimal for health, not pressing out the fat and eating the fat separately.

What are Oil Free Diets?

A low-fat, plant-based, oil-free diet has been shown to provide optimal heart and weight loss benefits, while animal products and high-fat foods, such as oil, have been shown to cause negative effects.

Consuming whole foods, such as almonds, walnuts and avocados, is a nutrient-dense way to include all necessary healthy fats into your diet.

On the other hand, Oils are made from plants that have been stripped of all fiber, vitamins, minerals, natural protein and other important nutritional components. Dense in calories, oil provides zero nutrients aside from fat.

Oil free diet, means not to use oil in our diets or a diet that does not include oil in any form. Even when you are following an oil free diet, would not use also any liquid oils, butter, Desi Ghee or any foods that contain these ingredients.

Especially those, who are very sincere and follow an oil free diet, they just eat whole food plant-based food only. They consume only unprocessed plant-based foods and not use any oil, because oil has been processed.

Health Benefits of Eating Oil Free Diet

  1. Processed foods (including oils) aren’t meant to be consumed by humans, because the human body is made to eat only plant based foods
  2. Oil is high in calories and void of nutrition therefore there is no need to consume it.
  3. High fat diets are harmful to health (specifically heart health); low fat and high carbohydrate diets are typically being promoted instead.
  4. Healthy Skin: When we eat oil-free foods, means overall we are consuming less fats which is most likely. Oil free diet is good for overall health and good for skin
  5. Oil free diets are a way to “reverse” diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
  6. It makes food taste better, means you’ll feel the real taste of the food
  7. Oil free food helps absorption of fat-soluble nutrients

Health Benefits of Oil Free Khichdi

This Oil free Khichdi is not only tasty, but also very beneficial for health, why? Reasons are given below:-

  1. It is very easy to prepare and even Kids can make this Khichdi
  2. It is quick meal for breakfast, lunch and even dinner
  3. When you come from late night work and parties and you’re tired for next day to cook, then you can make this Khichdi
  4. When anybody is sick in your family, it is really good for him or her, because in sickness, person should not eat wheat roti, then Green Juices, Kada made from medicinal plants and this specific Khichdi is really going to help the sick person to recover from his sickness
  5. This Khichdi is really good, when you’re losing your weight.

Oil free Protein Khichdi Recipe

Ingredients Needed in the Khichdi:

  1. Take Brown and Split Moong to soak it for 4-5 hours
  2. Soak all your vegetables that you want to use for Khichdi
  3. After 4-5 hours, when you’re going to make Khichdi, then wash your moong dal and brown rice nicely
  4. Wash all soaked vegetables and chop them

Prepare Khichdi without Tadka, Oil and Butter

  1. Switch on the Stove and roast 1 spoon Jeera(cumin seeds)
  2. Now add all chopped vegetables and in this Khichdi. I used One potato, one Zucchini, Some beans, one Banana pepper, one inch Ginger. Stir everything nicely
  3. Now add soaked and washed moong dal and brown rice and stir
  4. Now add 1/2 spoon turmeric powder, Pink Himalayan Salt, Oregano leaves, black pepper, ground coriander powder
  5. Give a good stir for few seconds and then add enough water to soak everything. Again stir
  6. Close the lid and give two whistles
  7. When the steam is released automatically, then open the lid and put some fresh chopped coriander
  8. Stir nicely and serve hot with home made plain yogurt, Green chutney or any Pickle of your choice
  9. You can enjoy this Delicious, yummy and healthy Khichdi in Breakfast, lunch or even in dinner.
How to Make Oil Free Khichdi
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