Ways to make Money Online

Most of us want to Make Money Online in our part time or even full time. Especially those, who have to stay at Home; for example Moms, Seniors and even who are laid off from their Jobs, they can spend their free time to Make some extra Cash.

You can make money online with Advertising Program!
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Question: Is it possible to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

Answer: Yes, you can make Money with Affiliate Marketing Program and this I can say with my own experience.

Are you making Money Online?

Yes, I am Making Money with my Ease Bedding Blog, which sells Amazon Products and  is making around $500-700 monthly by the time of writing this post, dated May 12, 2020 and I hope it is going to grow more in future.

Sometimes  we read advertisements, ‘Make Money just by Joining Our Program or by doing very little work‘.

In my opinion, if you’re serious to Make Money Online, then you have to work hard, like we do in any other Job to Make Money.

When you read or listen to someone saying that Making Money Online is just fun or so Easy, I don’t believe in that, because it is not that Easy, but for sure, anybody, who is doing hard work and at the same time on the right direction, will succeed definitely to Make Money Online.

There are many Ways to Make Money Online and the one that I like the most, is Affiliate Marketing.

You can make money online with Affiliate Marketing!
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Affiliate Marketing has became one of the Top Business Opportunities Online, because the Startup costs are almost Zero. But the Income you Generate can be a lot from it.

The best thing to promote Affiliate Marketing is that, if you have your own Blog/Website and sending your Traffic to somebody else’s Site to Buy their Products or Services. For every Sale initiated by a Unique link from your site, you Earn Affiliate Sale Commission.

Why to spend months on Creating your own and thousands to get the ball rolling, when there is easy Way to Join an Affiliate Program, grab your Unique ID and promote it right away.

You can make happen your first Sale within few days, not even Weeks.

In the Beginning when your Blog is New and when you’re not getting  Traffic from Search Engines, you can spend some time writing Useful Comments and you can get some Free Traffic.

Increase blog traffic to make more money!
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Actually you as a Publisher, will be Rewarded when you help a Business by promoting their Products or Services.

For example, if you Sign Up for ‘Amazon Associate Program‘ and Promote its Products according to your own Choice by seeing the Nature of your Website/Blog and you will get a Commission, when you send the Visitor from your Site, makes a Purchase or Buy something from Amazon.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the Quickest and Cheapest way(most of Affiliate Programs are usually Free) to Make Money Online, even the time, when your Website or Blog is not getting much Traffic!

Affiliate Marketing  can be done Part time/Full time and some people are

very Successful to Make Money with it.

As I am Homemaker and I started it from filling Surveys, where I didn’t Made Money at all.

Then I signed up with Maxbounty and worked with them for almost a year and that time, I learned about Affiliate Marketing.

I used to make around $100 monthly, but that time I was not having any Website or Blog.

Then I made my own Blog on Blogger.com and started to Promote Amazon’s Products and now I am having my own Three Blogs.

To Start as an  Affiliate Marketer, you must have a Blog on which to place your Links to the Products you Recommend.

There are Two Ways to Start your own Blog and  to learn more about starting your own Blog, 👉GO HERE and read it thoroughly, then follow the Steps and start your Blog.

Good Luck!

Best & Top Rated Affiliate Companies to Join

There are many more Affiliate Companies to Join, but you can see some of them in Below Table⬇

  • Amazon Associate
  • eBay
  • PeerFly
  • Shopify
  • Rakuten
  • Clickbank
  • MaxBounty

Hosting Affiliate Programs to Join

There are many hosting Affiliate Programs to Join and Make Money with them.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

According to Wikipedia

“Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer bought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.”

What is Affiliate Marketing
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As you can see above picture, it means, Affiliate Marketing is about relationships between Three Parties-Advertiser, Publisher and Consumer.

In simple words, Affiliate Marketing is one of the oldest forms of Marketing, wherein you refer somebody to any Online Product and when that person Buys that Product according to your Recommendation, then you receive Commission.

The Commission varies from Cents to Thousand of Dollars, depends upon what Product you’re Promoting?

Companies Track with the Tracking URL(a Unique Link given to you by the Affiliate Company)

There are Several Affiliate Platforms, who host Affiliate Programs for many Businesses. For example ShareAsale is one of these Big Affiliate Platforms and many Bloggers use them.

Sometimes you love to read repeatedly Some Articles(Blogs) to get some information, to give the Author of that Blog some Reward, you can purchase any products through his Affiliate links that he has mentioned in his Blog Posts.

For example such as: If you want to Decorate your Bedroom or want to Buy any type of Bedding Sets, Comforters, Quilts, Blankets, Pillow Shams, Window Curtains/Drapes, you can Check my Blog Ease Bedding and Buy any kind of Home Decor Stuff, then I will make some Commission.

As until now by the time of writing this article, May 12, 2020  Amazon is my alone one Source of Income from my Ease Bedding Blog and now I’m planning to start some more Ways and on this BLOG, which is Just new, I’m going to use different Ways to Earn Money from Blogging; such as SiteGround.

These days most of Online Companies, who Sell Products; such as Bedding Sets, Handbags, Hosting and so many other Products, there is very much possibility that they can Offer an Affiliate Program, such as SiteGround, is very popular Hosting Company and my Three Blogs – Ease Bedding, Recipes with More and Wp Easy Money Dot Com are hosting with them.

Please Note: For example here, if you’ll Click on this 👉 Special and Unique Link, which is given to me By my Hosting Company after signing up with them for Affiliate Program.  If you Buy Hosting from Siteground, then I will get some commission, which will not Cost to you something Extra, but you’ll get some discount with my affiliate link.

This Unique URL keeps Tracks all of the Traffic and Sales you’re Making with your Blog/Website or even any other Promotional Techniques!!

I hope now you’ll understand a bit about Affiliate Marketing and you know what? when you Sign Up and start promoting their Products, then  make some Commission, that is the real way to understand a lot more than by reading.

Niche Affiliate Marketing is very Attractive, because it costs very little and requires very little Upkeep and Maintenance once a good Amount of Traffic is Established.

👉Start your BLOG NOW with SiteGround today

Starting a Successful Niche Site is all about Picking the Right Keywords so that it can Rank in the Search Engines!

It is so Easy and Inexpensive to Start a Blog with WordPress.

The Best thing about Niche Affiliate Site is that, you can Run it from anywhere. And there is no Inventory and Customer Service is involved to Run Niche Affiliate Sites.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, which are not clear about Affiliate Marketing. You can ask in the Comment Box below at the end of this Blog Post.

Then the question arises in your mind, which is very normal that how much does it Cost to Join an Affiliate Program?

The answer is, there is no fee to Join most of the  Affiliate Programs.

Now the next question comes in your mind, which Affiliate Program is best?

Answer is, depends on your Blog’s nature.

As I am promoting Bedding sets, Comforters, Quilts, Blankets, Pillow Shams in my Ease Bedding Blog. On Recipes with More Blog, I am promoting SiteGround Hosting Products and many more Amazon Products.!

There are many Ways to Make Money Online and the one, that I like the most, is Affiliate Marketing.

How to Sign Up for Amazon Affiliate Program?  

Steps are given below, please read them carefully and if you’re willing to Join, then follow all these Steps.

Steps to Join the Program

Step One:-  Setup your Website or Blog

To apply for the Amazon Associate Program, you’ll need a Website or Blog. When you are going to apply for the Program, you also have to explain what your website is about, other Advertising or Affiliate Listings on your Site and who your Target Audiences are?

Step Two:-

Make Money Advertising Amazon Products
  1. If you’re already a member, then put your information and sign in. If you’re not a member yet, then as you can see Red arrow above☝, click on the-Join now for Free!
  2. After clicking on the Button, Join now for Free, next form is like Below⬇
Amazon.com Associates Program Application
Amazon associate Program Application

In the column, fill your email and Click on-I am a new customer. Then click on Sign in using our secure server.

  1. Next you’ll be on the Registration Page, where you’re going to fill the below columns:
  • My name is:  Your Name
  • My email address:  Your email address
  • Birthday: It is Optional
  • Then Protect your information with a Password
  • Enter a New Password
  • Type it again: again your New Password and then Continue
  1.  Next Page you can see is about Account Information; such as
  • Payee Name: Your real Name
  • City: Your City
  • State, Province or Region
  • Zip or Postal Code
  • Country: Country of your Residence
  • Phone Number
  • Then Click your next Website Profile

5. Your Website Profile

Fill all the correct information under your Website Profile.

  1. Thank you for applying to the Amazon.com Associates Program
  2. Your Payment Method
  3. Last you will see Amazon Affiliate Dashboard

So now you have your own Blog or Website and you applied for Amazon Associates Program as well.

You can start promoting their products, which you think are most suitable for the nature of your Website.

Even you don’t have to Sell Products all the time to Make a Commission. Different Affiliate Programs use different Payment Terms; such as:-

  1. Pay Per Sale: In this Program, the Merchant pays to the percentage of the Sale Price, when the Purchase is Completed Successfully. Means in Online Advertising Payment Model, which  is based Solely on Qualifying Sales.
  2. Pay Per Click:  PPC stands for Pay Per Click, means a Model Internet Marketing in which Advertisers Pay a Fee each time, when one of their Ad is Clicked. Search Engine is one of the most popular forms of PPC. For example Search Engines such as Google allow Businesses and Individuals to Buy listings in their Search Results. And these listings appear alongside and increasingly above the non-paid Organic Search Results. Then Google pay every time when a User Clicks on the Sponsored Listing.
  3.  Pay Per Lead: In this Program, you get Paid once the Referred Visitor provides his Contact Information on the Target Site by Filling Out a Simple Contact form. With Maxbounty, I used to promote their couple of Survey Programs and when the Visitor used to fill out the form, then I used to make the Commission from them. Means in Pay Per Lead Program, the Advertiser only Pays for Leads Generated at their Destination Site. No Payment is made for visitors that don’t Sign Up.

Benefits of Using Affiliate Marketing!

  1. Creating your own Product or Service takes a lot of time, Money and Skills to Make happen everything right. But Making Money with Affiliate Marketing is easy and fast, because you don’t have to Create your own Product.
  2. One of the best reason to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing is that, there is almost Zero risk to you or the Company you want to Sell for. You’re not Required to Commit to anything and you’ll never have to Pay for Products upfront.
  3. To Promote Affiliate Marketing Products, you don’t have to provide Customer Service. For example if you’re using Amazon Products, they will provide Service, but not you. With Affiliate Marketing all Customer Work is handled by them, so you’re free to do your work.
  4. To promote Affiliate Marketing, you don’t have to have Office or Employees. Affiliate Marketers don’t have to worry about this.
  5. There is no Payment of Affiliates unless they refer a Visitor, who subsequently becomes a Customer. So there is no wasting of Money in Affiliate Marketing.
  6. The Affiliate Marketing Program, which is my favorite, provides an Easy way to Create Additional Sources of Income for Blogs Publishers and owners. Marketing Banners of Merchants Products generate instant Sales, wherein they get a Commission.
  7. An Affiliate Marketer can enjoy the luxury of being his own Boss and Work on his own time. I love this aspect of Affiliate Marketing.
  8. The best part of Affiliate Marketing is that, you can Make Money 24/7, because Publishers’ Website is not a Physical store or Business, so it has almost no Restrictions. There are no employee Costs and the Business is open 24/7. Visitors may visit Publisher’s’ Website during Night time, means while Publisher is Sleeping.

Guide to make money with Amazon affiliate Program

You can Make Passive Income Online with Affiliate Marketing.

In this Article we are going to discuss about Amazon Affiliate Program, which I’m using almost for seven years. Million people are making money with Amazon Affiliate Program.

Internet is a Great Resource to Make Money Online and Work from Home.

Starting your own Blog is Easy like 123, start today!

It would be really nice, when someone is sitting free and Making at least $20 a Day Online by just using Internet.

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing is the Smart way to Make Money Online nowadays, which was not possible couple of years ago.

This method is good for everyone and especially for Moms, who are taking

Care of their Kids and have to stay at home.

It would be really great, when their Kids are in School and that time they can spend their free time doing something Creative and Make Money with it, which is so interesting and I love it.

Sometimes it seems impossible to live without the Internet and Computer, because we use Internet all the time to search something in Google, to Buy something Online, do school homework on the Internet, do our Office work and there is best way to take the benefit of this New Technology and that is to Make Money Online with it.

It’s Up to you, which method you want to Use to Make Money Online, because there are plenty of Ways to Make Money these Days!

As I’m Using Amazon Affiliate Marketing and making around $500-700 monthly with my Ease Bedding Dot Com only.

Almost a year ago I started this Recipes with more Dot com, Recently I started another Niche Site-Wp Easy Money Dot Com and I have YouTube Channel too.

Wow!  it’s kind of Miracle.

Isn’t it?

yes, its is.

Those days are gone, when to make some Cash, one has to work under someone, but not anymore.

Here you’re your own Boss, if you follow the Rules properly.

Yes, to become your own Boss and replace your full time Job takes  a lot of  time.

It doesn’t happen in a day. You’ve to work really really hard and learn  some tricks along the way.

So today I’m going to  share this Method, when someone can use his  free time to Make some Extra Cash and that is Affiliate Marketing.

The best thing about Affiliate Marketing is that, you can start it within very little time and the starting Cost is very minimal, just few Bucks, but the Profit is a lot in the long run, which I’m saying with my own experience after seeing the Success of my Ease Bedding Blog, because it is Making now around $500-700 monthly with Affiliate Marketing .

👉Start your own BLOG with Site Ground

Earn $20 a day from Affiliate Marketing or More?

Earn $20 a day from Affiliate Marketing
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I write most of my Blog Posts with my own experience, especially what works for me and Amazon Affiliate Marketing is working for me for couple of years and that’s why I’m going to share it here, so others can also benefit from it.

This method is really great and it can help you Generate Money fast and Easily with very Low Investment.

In the beginning, when one wants to start it, who is especially not earning anything at all, even $30 is so much for him.

Once you starts Making Money, then you  will come to know that how by spending only couple of dollars can Create a Profitable Online Business for him.

Starting an Online Business All-in-One

Yes, here in this method one needs to work hard patiently and continuously without feeling frustrating, especially in the beginning, when nobody is buying from the Blog, because of very low Traffic.

This method is working for me, work for Millions of others around the World and definitely will work for you, if you work patiently.

Yes there is no Guarantee, because it depends on your hard work, smart work and writing skills.

Never it is late to start something.

So let’s Start Now!

Good Luck!

Question: How Much Can you Make with Affiliate Marketing?

Answer: It is different for everyone, because never it is same for everybody, because it depends on some Below Reasons:-

  1. Your hard work
  2. Patience and persistence
  3. Writing Skills
  4. The way of writing or presenting to your Audience
  5. Images in the Posts
  6. Seo Topic
  7. Niche
  8. Domain name
  9. Hosting company
  10. The time you spend on your Blog and so much more…………

So overall Poor Affiliate Sites Make almost nothing and on the other side some other Websites make Millions of Dollars.

It depends on so many things.

Many ways to Make Money Online

  1. Mystery Shopping
  2. Tutoring
  3. Online store
  4. Paid Writer
  5. Affiliate Marketing and many more……

We’re talking here in this post about  Affiliate Marketing, so first of all one should know,

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Picture taken from Amazon’s site

As this above picture shows, which is so clear to understand the concept of Affiliate Marketing. For example; Advertise Products on your Site, When the Customers will click on the affiliate link, they will follow the link and go to Amazon’s Site, where they will make a Purchase and then you’ll get Commission.

Affiliate Marketing involves advertising something in exchange for a

Commission on the Sales.

For example you promote other people’s products often through an Affiliate Network, earning a Commission, when people end up Buying.

In simple words what Services you will need to start this Method to Make Money?

👉Start a Blog that can Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Guide to make money with Amazon affiliate Program
  • Create a Blog or Website: To work as an Affiliate Marketer, you’ll need your own personal Blog or Website, where you can post Links(affiliate links; such as Amazon Affiliate links I use) or Advertise for chosen Products or Services. For example I promote Amazon Products on my Website-Ease Bedding Dot Com and when someone Buy it, I get Commission from Amazon. If you already have a Blog or website, you can use that or if you don’t have one, you can Create one and learn from here-How to Start your Own Blog with WordPress.
  • Select a Niche: Choose a Niche or area of Specialization. Before you begin Marketing Products, you’ll need to find an Area you can easily work within to Advertise. It is not necessary that you should be expert already in. You can also choose the area, which you like and interested to learn more about it. Slowly-slowly by doing you’ll learn along the way, it is long path.
  • Choose Products or Services: Once you have chosen a Niche in which to work. Now you’re ready to start finding Products and Services to promote on your Platform. According to my own personal experiences, I’ve seen that those products, which have Good Reviews, sell more quickly and people Buy them easily without any hesitation and spending much time to search about the products. I mean, I list only those products that have Stars over 4* A company like Amazon is Ideal for Marketers, because Amazon is really popular and they have a variety of products to promote and people love to Buy from Amazon, because they trust on  their Products. So much easy to promote their products.
  • Write Meaningful Content: Once you have started a Blog, start writing useful posts about your Niche. It’s up to you, how many posts you can write per week. Whenever I Publish my Post, I’ve seen, my Google Traffic Increases.
  • Drive Traffic to your Blog: Driving a Traffic to your Blog is the most important thing after starting a Blog and there are number of ways to Bring Traffic to your Blog and they are written Below:-
  • 1.   Social Media:  Share your Blog Posts with Social Media. For example, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Linkedin and many more.
  • 2.   Google Search Console, Bing & Yandex : Verify your Blog with Google Search Console, Bing and Yandex
  • 3.   Google Analytics: Use Google Analytics to see real status of your Blog.
  • 4.  Write more Posts/Pages: Write more Posts as many as you can
  • 5.  Update Your Plugins and WordPress: By Updating your WordPress and Plugins, you can see good performance from your Blog, because search engines like refreshment.

How I Make Money as a Blogger with Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is about Generating an Income through the promotion or Recommendation of Products and Services, which are others.

  1. I started my Ease Bedding Blog  almost Five years  ago( by the time of Updating  this Post-date May 6, 2020) and Monetized it with Amazon Affiliate Marketing.
  2. This Blog is about Bedding Sets, Comforters, Quilts, Blankets, Curtains and much more.
  3. At this time I’m having almost 400 Articles in Ease Bedding Dot Com and all of them are more than 2000 words.


To  become your own Boss and replace your full time Job takes  some time, actually not only sometime, but a lot of time and you have to work continuously, even there are no sales in the beginning of starting to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing and it is is the best way to Make Money Online.

People Earn thousands of dollars with this  alone method and I’m making around $500-700 monthly with my only one Website and Monetize method is only one and that is Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Free Website traffic to Make Money Online

There are so many Platforms to Start your own Blog or Website. Before you Start Worrying about Domain Name and Web hosting, the most important thing is, What platform you’re going to Build your Blog with and second, How to bring Free Traffic to your Blog?

Free Website traffic to Make Money Online
Image Credit: https://makemoneyonlinepatrol.com

People think that Making a Website from Scratch is very difficult and requires a lot of Coding and Design Skills, but these Days, as we know things are much more easier than ever before.

Making your own Blog is Easy-like 1-2-3

  1. Find a Web Host like SiteGround and get great hosting while supporting WordPress at the same time.
  2. Download & Install WordPress with 1-Click Installer on Site Ground’s all Plans
  3. Start Publishing Posts/Pages and become a WordPress expert yourself by doing things practically and also by learning.

So nothing to worry, you’ll get all the information here to Start your Blog step by step.

Here comes Content Management System(CMS)like WordPress have Made Creating a Blog Accessible to Everyone around the World.

An Easy Step by Step Guide to Start and Build  your Blog on the Right Platform is given here, so please keep on  Reading….

These all Steps given Below can give you the basic Idea to Make your own Blog or Website to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Steps are SIMPLE, you Just have to Choose Blog Building Platform, Choose a Domain Name and Setup Design and you’re Ready to Go.

What is Content Management System?

Content Management System or CMS is a Software that facilitates Creating, Editing, Organizing and even Publishing Content.

WordPress is a Content Management System, which allows you to Create and Publish your Content on the WEB.

WordPress also allows Users to have Full Control over the Files, Documents, Design and also Display of the Content.

This is the Beauty of this Software (WordPress) that you don’t have to learn Coding to Publish your Content.

WordPress Dashboard
Image Sources: Wikipedia

Content Management is a Techie Task, which Made Easy by using WordPress Built-in Tools and its Extensions.

WordPress is a Free and Open-source Content Management System (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is installed on a Web Server that is either part of an Internet Hosting Service or a Network host in its own right”

There are many CMS Options available, but WordPress is one of the Best to Choose from those  Platforms for your Website.

WordPress is an Open Source Software, which means Created by and for the Community.

Beautiful designs, powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you want

You’re Free to use it for any type of Website without Paying anyone a Licence Fee.

WordPress has Many Features such as→

  1. Customizable
  2. SEO
  3. Responsive
    Mobile Sites
  4. High
  5. Powerful
    Media Management
  6. Easy and

For Beginners, WordPress is the Easiest Platform, I can say through my own experience, because when I started my Ease Bedding Blog with WordPress, I knows nothing about this Software, but by doing, by learning and watching Video Tutorials I’m able to turn my Hobby Blog into Profitable Niche, which is Making Decent amount of Money now.

And the same thing you can do, yes there is lot of  learning and hard work before Earning.

WordPress is Flexible Enough to Suit Everybody from Small Business Owners and Freelancers to Creative Bloggers.

There are so many Bloggers, who are Making  Decent Amount of Money with the same WordPress Platform.

Choose Hosting Company to Get Started with WordPress!

Siteground Review

Though WordPress is Free to use, still you’ve to Pay for Hosting Company, because WordPress don’t Run by itself, you need a Host to Run it.

Choose Site Ground Hosting Plan with This Coupon

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a Service, which allows Organizations and Individuals to Post a Website or Web Page onto the Internet.

Websites are Hosted or Stored on Special kind of Computers Called Servers.

Web Hosts are Companies, which provide Internet Connectivity, basically in a Data Center.

In Simple Words Web hosting is a place, where People Store their Websites.

Whenever Internet Users want to see your Website or Blog, they just type your Website Address into their Browser.

Then their Computer will Connect to your Server and your Web pages will be delivered to them through the Browser.

4 Different Types of Web Hosting

  1. Shared Hosting:  In Shared Hosting, One’s Website is placed on the same Server as Many other Sites. Basically All Domains may Share a Common Pool of Server Resources. For example RAM and the CPU, so Cost is very Low.
  2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting: A Virtual Private Server Hosting divides a Server into Virtual Servers, where each Website is like hosted their own dedicated Server, but actually they’re Sharing Server with few different other Users.
  3. Dedicated Server Hosting:  Dedicated Server Offers the Maximum Control over the Web Server. Your Website is the only Website stored on the Server.
  4. Cloud Hosting: Cloud Hosting is the latest form of hosting, which has become very popular over the past couple of years. Cloud Hosting is based on the Most Innovative Cloud computing Technologies that allow Unlimited number of Machines to act as one System. Other Hosting Solutions; such as Shared and Dedicated depends on One Machine Only, but Cloud hosting Security is guaranteed by many Servers. And Cloud Technologies allows easy Integration of Extra Resources, such as Space or RAM and thus Enable Website growth.

Find Domain Name for Website

What is a Domain Name?

Domain is the Name of your Website. Before you can start a Website, you’ll Need a Domain.

To purchase a Domain Name, you’ll need to use a Registrar. Such as Site Ground.

Your Domain Name should be Unique(such as-easebedding.con) that Reflects your future Website, Business or Blog.

You can Pick any Web Host, as long as it is Reliable, But I’ll recommend to use SiteGround.

👉Use this Site Ground Affiliate Link to Purchase Hosting Here

Find Reliable Hosting Company-Site Ground

SiteGround pricing

Selecting a Reliable Web Host and at the same time with good Price is very important.

But you don’t have to worry, because after using almost for five years, I can Recommend Reliable Hosting Plan to you, so you don’t have to waste your time.

The Name of that Host is-SiteGround.

We assume, you’ve chosen Domain Name, Hosting Plan and now you have  installed WordPress Application as well.

After installing WordPress Application, you can install some Plugins.

Then you can Choose Theme, which ever you like to have according to your own taste or Blog Structure.

There are Plenty of Free Themes available to choose from them and in my opinion, in the beginning you should start your Blog with Free Theme and once your Blog starts getting Traffic and start Making some Cash, then you can change your Theme.

Free Website traffic to Make Money Online

For my Ease Bedding Blog, I used  Free Theme and after almost a year, when my Blog started  making regularly each month over US $500 then I converted that Same Free Theme to  PRO.

And now my Blog is making around $700 monthly and sometimes little less or more.

How to Get Visitors to your Blog for Free?

Whether you’re blogging for fun or for any other Reason, you need Readers to find your Blog.

It is so important and most Online Businesses work on this System to Drive Traffic to your Website or Blog and Convert that Traffic into Subscribers.

You can get Paid and Free Traffic and we’re talking here in this Post about only Free Traffic.

Without having Sufficient Traffic, your Blog will never Accomplish its purpose to be live.

Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic:-

Some people start their Blog just for fun or as a Hobby, Some start Blog for Community and others want to Make Money with it.

Whatever the reason is behind to have a Blog,  for sure you need Readers to find your Website or Blog.

If there is no Traffic to your Blog, the purpose to start a Blog will lost.

Generating  Traffic is the Food for your Online Business, as healthy diet is important for all human beings to live happy, harmonious and Peaceful life and without Healthy food, we can not live for longer.

The same way Blog Traffic is important, otherwise there is no purpose of having a Blog if there is no Traffic.

Without Sufficient Traffic, your Blog will never Accomplish its purpose, doesn’t matter for what reason you launched your Blog.

Online Businesses works on one very Solid System; Drive Traffic and then Convert that Traffic into Subscribers.

In the long run this will help your Blog to Grow over time.

How to Grow Traffic to your Blog?

There are many Ways to get Free & Paid Traffic and there is nothing wrong to Bring Traffic to your Blog with PPC and Advertising Models as well.

But here in this Post we’re going to focus only on Free Traffic, Not the Paid.

While there are Numerous Pay Options to Generate Traffic, at the same time there are an equal Number of Effective and Free Tools to Generate Free Traffic.

The fastest and easiest way to start your own Website with is StieGround.
SiteGround Web hosting
  1. Leave Comments on Other Blogs:   After having at least at some level Success with  my especially Ease Bedding Blog, I recommend new Bloggers to Leave useful Comments after reading a Blog post, not just to put your Website link. It works for me and I hope going to work for you too. By reading others Blog posts, you’ll not only get Traffic, but you’ll also get knowledge and ideas from others. By Commenting you’ll be creating a Doorway Back to your own Blog for the Readers of that particular Blog.
  2. Medium Size Articles:  Your Posts or Pages should not be too long or not too short, because extremely long and extremely short Web Pages are not Ranked as highly as that are of a Reasonable length. I’ve seen with my own experience that even my Blog Posts, which are not too long are getting more Views rather than long Posts.
  3. Write Posts Consistently for your Blog:  It is very common understanding that Blogs with More frequent Posts tend to Receive More Traffic than Blogs that post once a Month. Because New Pages bring New Views. It is Simple and it works for me. I’ve spent almost over a month doing so much with old Posts, but the Traffic remained same. But as soon as I wrote  few posts and it is always, my Google Traffic Increased. So Try it, it is just Free!!
  4. Blogging Platform:  Using a Good Platform for your Blog is so important; for example, you can use WordPress for your Blog to grow. Even you can have more Control over the SEO of your Blog, when you’re using a Self-hosted WordPress.
  5. Free Twitter Traffic:  After Publishing your New Post, share it with Twitter, you’ll get some Free Traffic
  6. Blog Design Adjustments:  Tweaking your Blog just a little can Make a big Differences to Traffic over the time. Even Effective Cross linking will help Search Engines to Index your Pages and also help your Readers to see What other Relevant Content you have. These minor Changes will also Make for a better Visitor Experience and keep your Readers on your Blog for longer Time. So Try it and Enjoy watching to Grow your Blog Traffic!
  7. Share Posts on Social Media:  The best thing about Social Media is that it is most of the times Free to Use. Yes they do have Paid Programs also and you can get Results more Quickly with Paid Campaigns. Social Media is one of the best and most Popular Free Ways to Increase Blog Traffic. So use Twitter, Facebook Pinterest to Share your Posts and find New Connections.
  8. Forum Marketing: Forum Marketing is Free Traffic Source. So Share your Expertise with People, who ask Questions about your Industry. While answering, you’ll get a flow of Free Traffic to your Blog. All the valuable time you Spend Answering Questions, Make Sure to Spend time on your Forum Marketing Signature. This way your Signature tells other Forum Members, who you are and what you do
  9. Content is King:  Write Quality Blog Posts that can fulfill Readers problems and when your Blog posts are solving their problems, then you’ll get Repeated Customers. The most Successful or useful Content is that, which meets a Specific needs
  10. Evergreen Content:  Your Content should be evergreen, means not only for today, but  it should be good for all coming years as well. Evergreen Content is the kind of Content, which can live forever on the Web. For example Old is Gold and some Old Movies are so good, which were made in 60s, still they are good, you like to watch. I  love Old Movies and Old Songs. Another example is; my other Blog is Ease Bedding Dot Com and I write all my Posts about Bedding Sets, quilts, Comforters etc and the Bedding is also evergreen Niche, because we need them forever in the past and in future as well.
  11. Get Ideas: You can get ideas from Quora and see what Questions are being asked, which relate to your Industry Subject.
  12. Seo WordPress Plugins for Bloggers:  There are so many Plugins available to use Paid and Free. It’s up to you, how much money you want to spend. Personally I don’t use any SEO Plugin for my all Blogs.
  13. Don’t Rely on too many Plugins: If you’re like me, then use free Plugins and I’m not big fan to use Plugins, yes I’ve to use some Plugins to increase the functionality of my Blog. Try to use less Plugins, means use only those that are must to use and avoid unnecessary ones. For example here we’re talking about Seo Plugins and most popular are given below:-
    1. WordPress Seo by Yoast
    2. All in One Seo Pack

      You can use any of them to optimize your WordPress site for SEO. Both of them are having Good Reviews and quite popular.

    3. People use and they say in Reviews and in Comments that they’re getting benefit of using them.

  14. Write Guest Posts for Other Blogs: Writing Guest Posts for other Blogs can Increase Traffic to your own Blog. It can also give to your Blog a Back link from another popular site. Yes one thing is very important, when you’re choosing Blogs to Submit to, there are few things to Consider. For example; you must choose a Blog, which will Share your exact Audience Members.
    Share Posts on Social Media: Social Media is Free, most of the time to Participate on.
    Share Pins with Pinterest: This is my favorite one and I like Pinterest to share my Pins a lot.
    You can Check my Pinterest Board Here. I’m getting free Traffic from Pinterest, little bit from Reddit,  Twitter and Facebook.

    Taking the advantage of this Massive Traffic Opportunity is of tremendous Value to Bloggers.

  15. These Networks are attracting a lot of time and Interest from Internet users around the World and those, who participate on these Services fit into the Content Distributors.

    Means they are like to help Spread the word about your Blog.

    Leveraging these Networks to Attract Traffic requires some time and Consideration in What Content to Share and How to do it Properly?So start Sharing your Blog Posts from today and earn Sharing from others, which is absolutely Free of Cost.

  16. Install Google Analytics and See Results
    Install Google Analytics and it is free to use. Then watch where the visits Originate, Which Sources Drive Quality Traffic.

  17. Simple and Beautiful Design of Your Site

    I believe in Simple and Beautiful Design of my  Website, because it  keeps my Visitors longer on my  site. So fancy Design is not important, just Simple is okay and the Content is more important, what you write and How you write? Spend more time on writing Valuable Content.

    It doesn’t matter that you have to Pay a lot of money to a make a Design of your Blog, but you can do it yourself with your imagination and little creativity.

    I created the Design of my Ease Bedding Blog myself, which is Simple and Beautiful. Since then, the Traffic of my site is increased.

  18. Comment on other Blogs You can Get Traffic by commenting on other Blogs.Write Comments, which adds Real Value, means comment should be truly fascinating and Remarkable.

  19. Be Consistent and Don’t Give up! After launching my Ease Bedding Blog, approximately in  eighth month, my check was around US $400-500, before that it was $15-$20, $70, $120.
  20. Write More: Studies show that the more often you Update your Blog, the more Traffic it will Receive and this I can say with my own experience as well.

    Whenever I write New post and PUBLISH it, I get More Traffic, because Google gives high priority to Websites with fresh Content.

    Simple formula, if you want to get more attention from the Search Engines, Update your Blog as often as you can.
  21. Write Good Titles: The Titles for your Blog Posts are so important to attract your Readers to go ahead and Read them.  So choosing the Good Title for your Blog Post is very important to keep your Readers to stay on your Site for longer time. This will also help to decrease the  Bounce Rate of your Website. I’m also now learning to write Good Titles of my Blog Posts.

The Conclusion of this post is Simple and Easy. Means there are so many free ways to drive traffic to your Blog with your your hard work. You don’t have to spend even a single Penny to Drive Traffic to your Blog and Make money with it. Just write Quality and Quantity Content and Share on Social Media, which can help you to get good amount of Traffic from Social Media and from Organic Search Engines; such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.