How to increase blog traffic fast

In this post you’re going to learn ‘how to Grow blog traffic?’

How to increase blog traffic fast

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And for that purpose we’re assuming that you already have your Blog.

Some people start their Blog just for fun or as a Hobby, Some start Blog for Community and others want to Make Money with it.

Whatever the reason is behind to have a Blog,  for sure you need Readers to find your Website or Blog.

If there is no Traffic to your Blog, the purpose to start a Blog will lost.

Generating  Traffic is the Food for your Online Business, as healthy diet is important for all human beings to live happy, harmonious and Peaceful life and without Healthy food, we can not live for longer.

The same way Blog Traffic is important, otherwise there is no purpose of having a Blog if there is no Traffic.

Without Sufficient Traffic, your Blog will never Accomplish its purpose, doesn’t matter for what reason you launched your Blog.

Online Businesses works on one very Solid System; Drive Traffic and then Convert that Traffic into Subscribers.

In the long run this will help your Blog to Grow over time.

How to Grow Traffic to your Blog?

There are many Ways to get Free & Paid Traffic and there is nothing wrong to Bring Traffic to your Blog with PPC and Advertising Models as well.

But here in this Post we’re going to focus only on Free Traffic, Not the Paid.

While there are Numerous Pay Options to Generate Traffic, at the same time there are an equal Number of Effective and Free Tools to Generate Free Traffic.

Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

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How to Get Visitors to your Blog?

  1. Blogging Platform: The most import thing is choosing a good Platform for your Blog.  WordPress is the best and Easy Platform to start your Blog with it.
  2. Forum Marketing: Forum Marketing is Free Traffic Source. So Share your Expertise with People, who ask Questions about your Industry. While answering, you’ll get a flow of Free Traffic to your Blog. All the valuable time you Spend Answering Questions, Make Sure to Spend time on your Forum Marketing Signature. This way your Signature tells other Forum Members, who you are and what you do?
  3. Content is King:  Write Quality Blog Posts that can fulfill Readers problems and when your Blog posts are solving their problems, then you’ll get Repeated Customers. The most Successful or useful Content is that, which meets a Specific needs.
  4. Get Ideas: You can get ideas from Quora and see what Questions are being asked, which relate to your Industry Subject.
  5. Evergreen Content:  Your Content should be evergreen, means not only for today, but  it should be good for all coming years as well. Evergreen Content is the kind of Content, which can live forever on the Web. For example Old is Gold and some Old Movies are so good, which were made in 60s still they are good, you like to watch and l myself,  love Old Movies and Old Songs. Another example is; my other Blog is Ease Bedding Dot Com and I write all my Posts about Bedding Sets, quilts, Comforters etc and the Bedding is also evergreen Niche, because we need them forever in the past and in future as well.
  6. Seo WordPress Plugins for Bloggers:  There are so many Plugins available to use Paid and Free. It’s up to you, how much money you want to spend. Personally I don’t use any SEO Plugin for my both Blogs.
  7. Don’t Rely on too many Plugins: If you’re like me, then use free Plugins and I’m not big fan to use Plugins, yes I’ve to use some Plugins to increase the functionality of my Blog. Try to use less Plugins, means use only those that are must to use and avoid unnecessary ones.

For example here we’re talking about Seo Plugins and most popular are given below:-

  1. WordPress Seo by Yoast
  2. All in One Seo Pack

You can use any of them to optimize your WordPress site for SEO. Both of them are having Good Reviews and quite popular.

People use and they say in Reviews and in Comments that they’re getting benefit of using them.

How Traffic to Ease Bedding Dot Com increased?

By the time with all Free Ways, which include, Writing More Articles, Removing Broken Links from Posts/Pages, Making All Articles longer than before by adding more Content and Updating them, Sharing with some Social Channels etc, I have seen Traffic Increased to my Ease Bedding Blog.

More Free Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

  • Write Guest Posts for Other Blogs: Writing Guest Posts for other Blogs can Increase Traffic to your own Blog. It can also give to your Blog a Back link from another popular site. Yes one thing is very important, when you’re choosing Blogs to Submit to, there are few things to Consider. For example; you must choose a Blog, which will Share your exact Audience Members.
  • Share Posts on Social Media: Social Media is Free, most of the time to Participate on.
  • Share Pins with Pinterest: This is my favorite one and I like Pinterest to share my Pins a lot.

You can Check my Pinterest Board Here. I’m getting free Traffic from Pinterest, little bit from Reddit,  Twitter, Google + and Facebook.

Taking the advantage of this Massive Traffic Opportunity is of tremendous Value to Bloggers.

These Networks are attracting a lot of time and Interest from Internet users around the World and those, who participate on these Services fit into the Content Distributors.

Means they are like to help Spread the word about your Blog.

Leveraging these Networks to Attract Traffic requires some time and Consideration in What Content to Share and How to do it Properly?

So start Sharing your Blog Posts from today and earn Sharing from others, which is absolutely Free of Cost.

  • Install Google Analytics and See Results

Install Google Analytics and it is free to use. Then watch where the visits Originate, Which Sources Drive Quality Traffic.

Proven Strategies to Increase your Blog’s Traffic

  • Simple and Beautiful Design of Your Site

I believe in Simple and Beautiful Design of my  Website, because it  keeps my Visitors longer on my  site. So fancy Design is not important, just Simple is okay and the Content is more important, what you write and How you write? Spend more time on writing Valuable Content.

It doesn’t matter that you have to Pay a lot of money to a make a Design of your Blog, but you can do it yourself with your imagination and little creativity.

I created the Design of my Ease Bedding Blog myself, which is Simple and Beautiful. Since than, the Traffic of my site is increased.

  • Comment on other Blogs

You can Get Traffic by commenting on other Blogs.

Write Comments, which adds Real Value, means comment should be truly fascinating and Remarkable.

  • Be Consistent and Don’t Give up! After launching my Ease Bedding Blog, approximately in  eighth month, my check was around US $400-500, before that it was $15-$20, $70, $120.

Now by the date of writing this post August 17, 2018 my  Blog is almost three years old and it is making now around $1000 monthly since it was around only eight months old. I’m making this all Money without spending any money on Ads(except hosting, theme and Domain) 

  • Write More: Studies show that the more often you Update your Blog, the more Traffic it will Receive and this I can say with my own experience as well.

Whenever I write New post and PUBLISH it, I get More Traffic, because Google gives high priority to Websites with fresh Content.

Simple formula, if you want to get more attention from the Search Engines, Update your Blog as often as you can.

  • Write Good Titles: The Titles for your Blog Posts are so important to attract your Readers to go ahead and Read them.  So choosing the Good Title for your Blog Post is very important to keep your Readers to stay on your Site for longer time. This will also help to decrease the  Bounce Rate of your Website. I’m also now learning to write Good Titles of my Blog Posts.


The Conclusion of this post is Simple and Easy. Means there are so many free ways to drive traffic to your Blog with your your hard work. You don’t have to spend even a single  Penny to Drive Traffic to your Blog and Make money with it. Just write Quality and Quantity Content and Share on Social Media, which can help you to get good amount of Traffic from Social Media and from Organic Search Engines; such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

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