Oven Baked fry Karela or Bitter gourd

We all know that Karela or Bitter gourd has so many health benefits, but we don’t eat due to its bitterness.

If we eat, then only fry karela. No doubt fry karela are tasty, but first of all they are fried and full with oil, so not healthy to eat.

In today’s Recipe we’re learning to Cook fried Oven Baked Karela, which are equally tasty like fried karela, but more healthy than them.

Karela or bitter gourd

Recipe Preparation

  • Wash and clean Karela, take out if there are seeds
  • Make cut on one side to apply little bit Salt inside
  • Bake them in Oven approximately for 20 minutes or little less or more by checking
  • Now heat your cooking oil in the fry pan on medium flame and fry these Karelas, it will took only few minutes to fry
  • Then fry onion or any other vegetable in remaining oil by covering it with any lid
  • Put your all spices except Turmeric and stir in every two minutes and when Masala look ready, then add Turmeric and stir
  • Now add little bit water and put Karelas too and stir again after every two minutes and they will be ready in 5-7 minutes
  • Serve them hot with Paratha or Roti

Oven Baked fry Karela or Bitter Gourd
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