How I started Ease Bedding Blog

Easebedding.con is very Profitable Online Site and has so much potential to Make Money Online.

Within the three months after starting, it started to generate Revenue with Amazon’s Affiliate Links. First 4 years, I really worked hard on this site and it was making average around USD $600-$900 monthly and sometimes in Festival month a lot more than this.
I spent so much time to Establish this Site like a new born baby. I worked on it from Scratch and Established it, which could Generate at least 3 times extra Money than now.

Now for last two years, it don’t make money like before, you know Why? Because for last two years, I don’t work much on it, only once a while I write new article, because of, I’m too busy with my other Online Business. Second reason of not making money like before is, Amazon reduced its Commission a lot more than before.

So now I’m too busy with my Recipes Blog and YouTube channel. I am the only person, who work on these all Sites and YouTube Channel.

Ease Bedding is Evergreen Site, because we all use Bedding Sets, Furniture, Rugs, Curtains, Blankets, no matter in which Country we live.
All the time people Buy all these things for their own Homes, for their Relatives and Friends. Whether you live in Hot Countries or live in Cold Countries, we all need Furniture and Bedding Sets.

I told you my whole story of starting my first niche on WordPress, which still has good Alexa Rank. This way you can also start your WordPress Blog and Make Money with it.

I will recommend to choose the Niche, which is more specific and you’ve interest in it, then it will be easier for you to work on it in the long run.

Also when you love, what you are doing, then you put 100% in it, because by seeing that others are making money in Food Blogs, but you have no interest in Cooking at all, then Recipes Niche is not for you. Find, which is favorite to you; it can be anything; Such as Gardening, News, Games, Movies etc.

By writing articles on different topics, you can make so much money with so many Ways; Such as-Amazon Affiliate links, Google AdSense, Sponsor Ads, Sponsor Articles etc. Endless opportunities are there to be used and Make Money with them.

Every day I’m getting emails for Sponsor Articles and they ask, How much I want to charge for it? Means when your site starts getting traffic, then you’ll get sponsor ads and endless opportunities to Make money with your Blog.

Below are the ways to Make WordPress Niche Site; such as-

  1. How to start a Home Décor Blog
  2. How to start a Food Blog
  3. How to start Fashion Blog with Site Ground
  4. How to start a Blog with Site ground?
  5. How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost?
  6. Free vs Paid Platform to start a Blog
  7. Free vs Paid Platform to Start a Blog

In Festival months, from October to December, you can makes much more money than other months. Means in only four months, October, November, December and January, my both sites Make more money, because people buy more in these four months.

In only one month, made $2500 with only Amazon in October only.
You can also use other affiliate Programs; such as Walmart, Home Depot etc. I mean there are plenty of ways to make money, once you start having good amount of traffic.

If you want, you can also generate money with sponsored articles and Sponsored Ads. has so much potential to Make Money from so many ways.

I Made $5738. 14 in 2020 with Amazon Affiliate Program. You can also read about, How I have Made Over $39, 000 from my Online Business in 6 years.

How You can Start WordPress Blog and Make Money?

How You can Start WordPress Blog and Make Money
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Step One: Right & Best Platform

Choosing the right platform for your niche site is so important.

I recommend using for your blog because it gives you access to all the WordPress features, and most importantly you can make money from your blog without any limitations. and are two different platforms, so don’t get confuse by it., which is a hosted blogging platform and is a free self-hosted.

Getting started with Bluehost

On the next screen, you need to select the plan that you want (basic and plus are the most popular).

After that, you will be asked to enter the domain name for your website.

Choose domain name
Optional hosting addons, which don't need in the beginning

Step 2. Install WordPress

Install WordPress

Step 3. Choose Best Theme for Your Food Blog

There are hundreds of free themes available to choose and when I stared my both blogs, I started with free themes. When my blogs started to make money consistently, then I used Paid Theme. So I will recommend to use free theme in the beginning. Once your site start to bring traffic and started to make money, then you can use Paid theme.

Step 4. Choose SEO Friendly Recipe Plugin & some other Plugins

Now, I know this might sound a bit too geeky for beginners. But don’t worry, I will make it super easy for you to add recipes in formatting without any special skills.

First thing you need to do is, install and activate the WP Recipe Maker plugin. For more details, see my step by step guide on how to install best and free WordPress plugins.

You can also use the premium version of the WP Recipe Maker plugin to take full advantage of its extensive features like enhanced SEO, ingredient linking, user ratings, taxonomies, and more.

Once you have activated the plugin, you need to create a blog post or edit an existing one. On the post edit screen, click on the WP Recipe Maker button.

Step 5. Monetize Your WordPress Blog

There are many ways to Monetize your WordPress Blog and make money with it. Our ultimate goal is to make money with our food blog.

Am I right?

Yes I am. I think there will be no one, who don’t like to money. Yes, if someone has so much money and sharing Recipes just for hobby, still he or she should make money and Donate to needy people in the World.

1. Display Google AdSense Ads

I am using Google AdSense on my both blogs and make money with it. If your Traffic is from USA and Canada, then you make more money and my traffic especially for Ease Bedding is mostly from USA, Canada and UK. I am making around $350 to $400 with only Google AdSense. So this is the easiest way to make money with Google AdSense. I just started to use Google Ads around 7 months ago, before that I was not using at all.

2. Amazon & Hosting Affiliate Marketing

Second way to make money by using Amazon Affiliate Marketing and since I started my both blogs, I’m making money with Amazon Associate Program. In the beginning I was making more money with this Program, but now Amazon reduced Commission, so that’s why I’m now using Google AdSense with it. Now I’m thinking I loose a lot of money by not using Google AdSense for couple of years. So better to use right away, when your blog started to get Some Traffic.

Step 6. How to Get More Traffic to your Blog?

Your Blog’s Earnings directly depend on your website’s traffic. More users visiting your website means more earnings, brand recognition, and success for your website. Below are some tips to Get free and Organic Traffic:

1. Start a YouTube Channel

When you start YouTube channel at the same name to your Niche and even Instagram, people started to remember your Brand name. So this way you can get Free traffic from YouTube Channel and from Instagram.

2. Make Board on Pinterest

This is my favorite way and I get a lot of traffic from Pinterest Board. I have Pinterest Boards for my both blogs and YouTube Channel as well. So never make the mistake by not making the Pinterest Board.

3. Write More Articles

As much as you will write, that much traffic you’ll get for your Blogs. Google loves fresh Content. So try to write at least 4-5 articles per week.

How I started Ease Bedding Blog