Juice is so good for us, so we can make it fresh in our own kitchen even without having juicer. If we drink Juice, early in the morning before eating anything else, means no tea, no coffee, but instead of it drink any kind of green juice; such as-Winter Melon juice, Kale Juice, Basil Juice, Carrot Juice, Apple Juice, means any kind of fresh home made juice is good for us to stay healthy with the combination of more fruits(or Fruit Salad) Missi Roti and any kind of Sabji.

Eating healthy food is utmost important to stay healthy and fresh home made is juice is the best thing to add it in our daily diet.

Here it is shown in this small Video to make mix fruit juice with blender in 2 minutes.

How to make mix fruit Juice without Juicer?

Mix juice Recipe Instructions

  • Peel one orange
  • Peel to take our one pomegranate
  • Some fresh mint and coriander leaves
  • Some green grapes
  • 1/2 glass cold filter water

Preparation to make Fruit Juice

  1. Add all fruits in blender jug and blend them
  2. Then add fresh leaves and blend again
  3. Now strain juice and it is ready to drink
Mix fruit juice in 2 minutes without Juicer
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