Make Plain fresh Yogurt in 2 Minutes
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What you need to Make Plain Yogurt?

  1. One Bag or one liter 2% Milk
  2. 3 spoons of Starter Yogurt
  3. Steel Container with lid or Glass container with lid. It is up to you, but I prefer to use Steel one.
  4. Boil one liter Milk in any Steel Pan and put aside to let it stay and become to room temperature warm only. It should not be too hot or not too cold. Just Warm as we drink sometimes Warm Water.
  5. Now Pour it into your Steel Container, in which you put your starter Yogurt or going to make yogurt. Turn it three to four times at least to mix it nicely with the starter yogurt.
  6. Now put this container in your Stove oven for 24 hours and don’t touch or Check it between that period.
  7. After 24 hours, take out your container from the Stove oven and Check it, it should be ready and perfect to eat.
  8. Keep in the fridge and eat with Roti, Rice and Paratha.
  9. You can keep it for 3-4 days in your fridge to eat and to Make next Yogurt, save starter yogurt, before finishing all.
Make Plain fresh Yogurt in 2 Minutes
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