Kadu Dudhi Lauki Benefits & Kofta Curry Recipe

Bottle gourd, known as lauki (Ghiya) in Hindi and Dudhi in Gujarati. It is not only a popular vegetable in every household, but it is very healthy due to its many health benefits.

Lauki is one such vegetable, but not many people use it in their diet.

We can use this Sabji in many ways and add it in our diet. For example we can make Lauki Juice, Lauki Ka Raita, Lauki Sabji and Lauki Kofta Curry, in which deep-fried kofta made of grated Bottle Gourd, Gram flour and some spices.

lauki is an incredibly healthy vegetable, which can be added to our diet.

Fresh juice give you a Radiant and Energetic life and help in cleaning your system, but there are many more vegetables, from which you can make juice and have the same benefits or even more. Such as-Zucchini, Cucumber, Broccoli, Celery, Coriander Juice and Baby Spinach Juice.

Moreover, there are some vegetables and fruits like those, which are rich in Vitamin C that tend to lose their nutrients on cooking and therefore, it’s best to consume them raw or better to juice them up.

How to Add Lauki in Daily Diet?

There are many benefits of lauki juice or bottle gourd as it is mostly made up of 92% water.

But there are hardly few people, who know the benefits of this Amazing vegetable and have it in their diet. Majority of the people don’t know it and many don’t use it in their cooking

How to Add Lauki in Daily Diet?
  1. If I make Lauki Sabji, my both sons don’t eat it. Even they don’t like Juice of it. So I found some other ways to use it frequently. Number one is to grate it and make dough with it and make Missi Roti from it. This is the best way to use it and eat as in its real form without adding any spices to dough.
  2. Second way to use lauki is to make Kofta Kadhi with it, here you have to fry Koftas in Oil, so this way they lose some Nutrients. But something is better than nothing.
  3. Third way to use it as a Sweet Dish. So you can make any mathai from it; such as halwa, Kheer, burfi and ladoo. Here again it loses its Nutrients.

Incredible Benefits of Bottle Gourd or Lauki / Ghiya

Eating light and indulging in fresh, seasonal fruits is one way to stay cool in Summer hot long days.

One of the more popular vegetables used in Indian kitchens during summers is lauki or bottle gourd, and it has long been advocated to have many health benefits.

  • Bottle gourd contains a lot of water and that’s the reason it is considered a perfect thirst quencher. It also prevents fatigue, especially during summers.
  • Lauki helps in reducing weight and by drinking it on a daily basis would help you reduce weight.
  • Those People, who are suffering from constipation problem, can easily get rid of it by drinking a glass of lauki juice every day. If you don’t like the taste of it, you can drink this Juice.
  • Bottle gourd provides good amount of both soluble and insoluble fibre and water. It helps in digestion and related problems  like constipation, flatulence and acidity. The insoluble fibre also helps in conditions like piles.
  • Bottle gourd has cooling and calming ability due to its good water content. It is very helpful during summers and specially those who work under the hot sun as it has the ability to prevent heat strokes and recovers the water lost due to perspiration. It can be consumed in a juice form or cooked as a veggie.
  • Bottle gourd is considered a perfect thirst quencher. It also prevents fatigue, especially during summers.
  • Moreover, it is known to be an excellent cooling agent that detoxifies the body too

Side effects of Bottle Gourd Juice

  1. Be aware that such vegetables, even it is cucumber or bottle gourd, should not be consumed, if they are bitter in taste. 
  2. Slice a piece from lauki (bottle gourd), taste, whether it is bitter or okay? If it’s bitter, discard it immediately, don’t consume it in any form.
  3. If the bitter juice is consumed it causes a toxic reaction in the gut, leading to abdominal discomfort/pain, vomiting, hematemesis, and hypotension which may be rarely fatal, especially in persons with pre-existing illness. 

Bottle Gourd Kofta Curry Recipe:

Here in this Video Recipe of Lauki Kofta (Bottle-gourd Kofta Curry) you can watch Instructions and make tasty delicious Doodhi Kofta Curry.

Some kids don’t eat Kaddu or Lauki at all, but this Kofta Curry anybody can eat.

You must try this Simple Recipe by following all Instructions given in the Video.

Kadu Dudhi Lauki Benefits & Kofta Curry Recipe

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