Due to more Cold here in Canada, we can start growing our plants, it’s little late than hot countries. Not only this we get only couple of months to grow our Gardens.
I wanted to take a little time and give you a tour of my ‘Backyard Garden’ what’s growing on in the garden in July,  2018.
This year almost 100%  Perennial Shrubs are in my Backyard and Front yard  Garden, because Perennials come back each year  and this way you can Save some Money and time by not growing each year and Second reason of growing perennials is, because they increase the Home resale value and third reason to grow Perennials is, because I love them.

Which Herbs do I have in my Backyard Garden in July 2018?

  1. Tomatoes
  2. Mint
  3. Onion Chives
  4. Two variety of Basil
  5. Pepper
  6. Green Chili
  7. Lettuce
  8. Chickpea Leaves
  9. Beans
  10. Watermelon Wines

My Backyard Garden 29 July 2018 Tour

What are the Benefits of Growing flowers Shrubs & Vegetables?

There is no comparison between the taste of a Garden fresh Vegetables and a grocery store bought one that’s devoid of flavor.

Grocery store produce has often been grown hundreds  to thousands of miles away from us, where we live, means it can be days between harvest and our Kitchen.

Growing your own Vegetables can seem overwhelming to some people, but it is  much simpler than it seems.

Yes, you should have at least some interest to grow something in your empty space. Even if you don’t have a yard, consider starting a patio Garden or even an indoor herb garden on a windowsill. You’ll be amazed at how many tomatoes or peppers you can grow out of one pot!

Growing your own Vegetables not only provide us fresh produce for the Kitchen, but also we see other Benefits of our own Gardens, which are given below:

July 2018 my Backyard Garden Tour

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