Here this short video showing you how I build my raised beds for my backyard garden almost for very little Cost, but they look awesome.

How to Make Raised Garden Beds

To make these Raised Beds, you don’t have to pay to make them, just you can use left stuff from other jobs that you have done in the past or Buy Cheap ones.

To easily build these Garden Beds, you need time and little Creativity.

On side, I used small bricks and they were all at my home, when professional made our patio.

Building a Raised vegetable garden Bed with Concrete Blocks or small bricks is really rewarding experience.

The garden bed idea out of Blocks and Bricks came in my mind, so I tried to make one, it started look nice and then I used a Variety of stuff to make all five flower/vegetable Beds.

Once you have learnt these Simple Skills, then you can build a Raised Bed of any size or any Shape using different Variety of stuff.

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