Tawa Malpua Recipe

When I was a little girl, my mother used to make Malpuas and we all siblings used to enjoy a lot while eating these Malpuas. Still I remember those days.

Tawa Malpua Recipe Images
Tawa Malpua Recipe Images

Now I’m 55 and my own children are at the age of 29 and 31. Today I planned to make video and before that I searched on the Google, I could find only 2 Videos of Tawa Malpuas. ?Amazing! when the Internet is full with Content, I could find only these types of Puras 2 videos, means Traditional methods are lost and the new methods are here.

But don’t worry, today I was able to make those Indian Style Traditional Puras. I’m going to write the Recipe below as well as you can watch video, so you can make perfect puras.

They are not tough to make, jut you need little bit practice.

How to Make Gur Wale Malpua?

I always try my best to keep every Recipe as healthy as I can.

So here in this Recipe I used Whole Grain flour without sieving it and Jaggery. Just touch of Extra Virgin Olive oil.

Malpura Recipe Instructions:

  • You need whole grain flour
  • Needed Jaggery
  • Non stick Tawa or fry pan
  • Any Cooking oil
  • Folded Aluminium foil to spread Malpua Ghol

Instructions to Make Malpura

Ghol to make Malpuras
Tawa Malpuras are ready to eat
Tawa Malpuras
  1. Soak some Jaggery in water and let it stay for a while
  2. Now add whole grain flour and mix it as best as you can and it should not be too thick or not too thin
  3. Now let it Rest for 1-2 hours
  4. Now heat your Tawa and apply Oil and pour some Ghol and spread it nicely with fold Alminium
  5. When you see it’s drying then flip it and let it roast for one minute from the other side
  6. This way make all Puras from the left Ghol
  7. Serve hot with Kheer or any kind of Pickle.

In this Video I’ve shown you, ‘How to Make Punjabi Old style Malpura, which are so popular in Indian Villages. They are made in the month of Sawan(16 July to 15 August)Rut Baras. Means in Rainy season. Kids love these Puras and they can be eaten with Kheer or any kind of Pickle.

Tasty Crispy Jalebi with Turmeric

Jalebi Recipe without Food Color that you can Enjoy with your family and make any time, when you want to eat something Sweet and tasty.

You’ll surprise to see this Malpua Jalebi recipe, where I didn’t use any food color, Baking Soda and Baking Powder as well. But it becomes so tasty and healthy Malpua Jalebi with Turmeric and Saffron only.

Tawa Malpua Recipe?
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