How to Make Dal Ki Missi Roti Recipe

Make Dal Ki Missi Roti Ka dough?

Missi Roti is so delicious and healthy at the same time. Especially in Indian families is it is very popular.

We are going to learn here in this Blog Post to ‘Make Moong Dal Dough for missi Roti’

I’m going to share this Recipe, because I’m using it for last 30 years.

Some people use Besan(Chick Peas flour) instead of Corn flour.

But I prefer Corn flour, because it makes Missi Roti more tasty and gives the Pueblo Lindo Masa Instantánea de Maíz / Instant Corn Masa Flour, 4.4 Pounds / 2 Kilosflavour of Makki De Roti too.

I always use 2:1 proportion of both whole wheat flour(two) and Corn flour(One) respectively.

Always my  purpose of Making Missi Roti is to add more Green Leaves and just for the taste onion as well.

This is the best way to give green leaves to your family and this way those kids, who don’t like to eat much Vegetables, they also eat Missi Roti and not only they eat, but also Enjoy eating it.

I have already shared a ‘Green Leaves Missi Roti Recipe at Home‘, which you can watch at my YouTube Channel.

So there are so many ways to Make Missi Roti.How to Make Dal Ki Missi Roti Recipe

Missi Roti can be served hot from the Tava with Plain Yogurt, Butter or any Sabji.

Usually I make Missi Roti for the Breakfast, otherwise you can eat it for lunch,  for Dinner and give to your School Going Kids in their lunch Bags.

Ingredients we Need Are:

  • Whole Grain flour
  • Corn Flour
  • Dal either fresh or left over, but it should be in room temperature
  • Green Leaves any– I used in this Recipe straight from my Backyard Garden→Chick Pea Leaves, Mint, Mustard Leaves and Baby Spinach bought from the Market.
  • Half chopped Onion
  • Spices according to taste; such as-Carom Seeds, Crushed Oregano Leaves, Black pepper powder, Coriander Powder
  • Cold Tap Water

    Preparation to Make Dough for Missi Roti:

  • Mix everything together nicely
  • Start adding Water little by little and first give pressure with one hand and when you think no need to use more water, then use both hands and give good amount of pressure and within  ten minutes your Dough will be ready to Make Missi Roti
  • Make Missi Roti and serve hot with Plain fresh home made Yogurt.

Enjoy your Missi Roti!

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