We all are so busy in day to day life and sometimes we don’t have time to cook our especially Breakfast.
Then in two minutes make this Healthy & Delicious Drink and the name of it is ‘Banana & Mango Milk Shake’

How to Make Banana & Mango Shake
Image Credit: zestysouthindiankitchen.com

Required Ingredients are given Below:

  1. Ripe Banana
  2. Ripe Mango
  3. Raw Milk and Honey is optional
  4. Blender


  • Peel Banana and Mango and use quantity according to for how many persons you are making for
  • Put in the blender and blend everything. In two minutes your healthy Shake will be ready to have for a Breakfast. You will feel full at least for two hours.
How to Make Banana & Mango Shake

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