How I whitened my yellow Teeth in 2 Minutes

Real Demo Whitening Teeth

Myself Jaswinder Kaur Whitening Teeth real Demo
Myself Jaswinder Kaur Whitening Teeth real Demo

I am 56 years old by the time of writing this article. I was married at the age of 22 and until that time I never been to dental office, because I never had any problem.

After my first delivery, my teeth problem started and within the 2 days after my first delivery, I had to extract my one tooth and my all other teeth started to pain. Almost everyday I used to go to dental office for this teeth treatment or that treatment.

This way almost 12-15 years were gone, but my teeth were having the almost same problem. Despite of doing regular Teeth Cleaning and Dental Checkup, still my teeth were so yellow and having stains on them. Even one person asked me, Do you eat Pan? I never taste pan in my whole life.

I am not against for regular dental cleaning, because it is so important for the ongoing maintenance of your oral health. I used to go for regular teeth cleaning, I got some other benefits; such as it aids in the early detection and prevention of dental other problems that can be caught during regular dental check-ups with my dentist and dental hygienist

Natural Remedies for Yellow Teeth

Question: Is it Possible to Make Yellow Teeth White Again?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to make yellow teeth white again, which I can say with my own experience. The good news is that it’s possible to go from yellow to white teeth and, depending on the method you choose, it can be done quickly or gradually.

How I whitened my yellow Teeth? Video! Watch ?

How I whitened my yellow Teeth with other Home Remedies?

There are many Home Remedies, which you can use to Whiten your Teeth; such as-Baking soda(But I never tried this, so no comment about it), Apple cider vinegar(I never tried it, so no comment about it), Coconut oil pulling(Also I never tried it, so no comment about it)

Home Remedies, which I Used & Still Using

1-Brushing my teeth Twice a Day

Everyday I brush my teeth twice a day, which helps to reduce the buildup of plaque. I use Sensodyne toothpaste and sensodyne toothbrush for my teeth for many many years. Also I change my brush almost after two weeks.

Brushing my teeth twice a day
Brushing my teeth twice a day

2-I Eat More Fruits and Salad

Eat More Fruits and Salad
Eat More Fruits and Salad

Try changing your dietary habits, eliminating food and drink that contains tannins such as wine, Tea, Coffee, Readymade Commercial juices, and dark sodas. The acid in citrus products can also wear down your tooth enamel.

Almost 9 years ago, I started to make so many Good Changes in my family’s Daily Diet Routine. We all family members start our Day with fresh homemade morning Juice. Such As Spinach Juice, Coriander Juice, Kale Juice, Orange Juice and Vegetables fresh Green Juice.?

I prefer to take only Green Juice in the morning.

Since I am drinking morning Juice, eating fruit salad in lunch and Missi Roti in Breakfast for almost 3 years, my overall health improved a lot and also my other family members health improved a lot than before.

Do Flossing twice a Day

3-I Do Flossing twice a Day

I do floss my teeth twice a day after brushing my teeth morning and Night time before I go to Sleeping, because Flossing is an important oral hygiene habit. It cleans and dislodges food stuck between your teeth, which reduces the amount of bacteria 

4-I use Banana Peels daily for my Teeth

I use Banana Peels daily for my Teeth
Banana Skin

Everyday after having my Tea, I scrub banana skin on my Teeth and keep it in mouth for 5-7 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water. I’m using it for last almost 3 years. It is very beneficial and my teeth became strong and brighter, since I’m using this method.

5-Massage Cloves Oil on my Teeth

I used this Cloves oil for many years and get rid from Teeth aches. But this method was little tough comparatively to Banana Skin massaging and Orange Peel powder using.( If you want to learn how to Make Orange Peel Powder then ?Check this Video)So since I found that Banana Skin is not more easy to use, but also more safe and convenient to use, I stopped using Cloves oil for my teeth. Banana Skin is also free, which I keep in any Container with tight lid to use for my teeth after eating it as a fruit or making a Banana Shake with it.

What causes yellow teeth?

Changes in the color of your teeth may be subtle and happen gradually. Nobody has yellow teeth in his/her young age.

Teeth can look more yellow, especially as you age.

If you’re looking to whiten your teeth, you do have some alternatives to conventional methods, but I prefer Home Remedies, which worked for me 100% and they are also free.

So using home whitening Remedies may damage your teeth, if products are used incorrectly or for too much time.

Some of the most common causes of tooth discoloration include drinking beverages such as coffee, soda, and wine. These substances get into the enamel of your teeth and can cause long-term discoloration. 

Many people turn to home remedies to try to get rid of yellow teeth and I’m one of them.

  • Smoking or chewing tobacco can stain teeth.
  • Foods/drinks. Coffee, tea, colas, wines
  • Poor dental hygiene. Inadequate brushing and flossing
  • Genetics. Some people have naturally brighter or thicker enamel than others.
  • Medication: Certain antibiotics can turn Teeth yellow
  • Aging: If left untreated, stained teeth can become more obvious over the years. Teeth also can start appearing more yellow as a natural part of the aging process.
How I whitened my yellow Teeth in 2 Minutes