Mooli Paratha Recipe & Benefits of it

Radish, popularly known as mooli in India, might not top the list of your favourite vegetables, but it is very beneficial for health.

Mooli can be used in so many varieties; such as-Mooli De Sabji, In Salad and of course we can make stuffed Paratha with it.

Not only in winter, but also in summer, we love to eat Mooli Ka Paratha, with Tea, Yogurt, Butter, Chutney and even with, pickles.

So, You probably didn’t know that this veggie actually gives your health quite a boost, but when we eat it as a Salad with the combination of some other Vegetables.

Mooli Paratha Recipe & Benefits of it

Health Benefits of Mooli(Radish)

Here are some of the health benefits you can garner from eating dishes dominated by mooli.

1Keeps you looking younger

Containing vitamin C and antioxidants, radish can be eaten to prevent your skin from free-radical damage.

 2-Improve Cardiovascular Health

Radishes influence nitric oxide production. This causes the blood vessels to relax and eventually lowers blood pressure.

3High on Fiber

If you eat it as a part of your daily salad intake, without going overboard of course, radish also provides your system with ample roughage and fibers, therefore improving your digestion. It also regulates bile production, safeguards your liver and the gallbladder, and is great for taking care of water retention.

Mooli Paratha Recipe Instructions

  • You need Mooli
  • Wash and Grate it and apply salt little bit
  • After applying Salt to grated Mooli keep it for 1/2 an hour
  • Squeeze it and throw water and mix spices in squeezed mooli plus green leaves(spinach or Coriander or Methi)
  • Now make one Big pera(big ball) of Wheat flour and put mooli mixture in it and roll it to spread mixture evenly and start frying on Tava(Iron Skillet)

Mooli Paratha Recipe Video

In this Video You are going to learn Stuffed Mooli Paratha Recipe or How to make Mooli Stuffed Paratha?

Mooli Paratha Recipe & Benefits of it