Grow Annuals & Perennials in Backyard Garden

When we harvest Vegetables, that is all the hard work earlier on in the year, which we have done.

Do you know when it’s the perfect time to harvest your crops?

Harvesting time for each Vegetable is different. I learned by doing it practically & that is the best way to learn each and everything.

Growing your own vegetables is the best way to provide your family with homegrown, organic food or at least one should grow herbs to use in daily life; such as-Mint, Coriander, Spinach, Basil, Rosemary etc.

August 2021 Backyard Garden Tour 

16 July 2021 Backyard Garden Tour

Harvesting July 2021 Backyard Vegetables

June 2021 Backyard Garden Tour 

Sarson Farming in Brampton Canada

How to Grow Methi in water?

In this video you’ll learn so many exciting thing, which are not only easy, but also help you to save your money and give you health benefits.

Nowadays you can start growing plants without using soil. You’ll learn to grow methi in water, learn to make methi dough and then learn to make missi methi roti that is very healthy and delicious at the same time.

May 2021 Garden tour

December 2020 Backyard Garden Tour

Harvesting August 2020 Backyard Vegetables

Do you love Gardening?
If yes, then this video is for you.
Those, who love gardening like me, they love to Watch other gardeners’ videos of harvesting their Vegetables.
On August 10, 2020, I harvested Tomatoes, Bottle Gourd, beans, green chillies, chappan Kaddu etc. from my Backyard Garden.

Harvesting July Backyard Garden Vegetables

How to Grow Chickpea Leaves without Soil?

Chickpea leaves are so healthy like any other green leaves. They are not only fresh and healthy when we grow at home, but you can also grow them even you don’t have any land or Pot.

Harvesting Juicy Vegetables July 2020 

Top Vegetables easy to Grow in Hot Summer are:

In this Video I’ve shown you how I picked Vegetables from my Backyard Garden in July 10, 2020. Such as Strawberries, Chapan Kadu, Basil, Mint, Green Chilli, Coriander, Peas, Cholia.

June 2020 Backyard Garden Tour | Gardening is my passion

Here in this Video I’ve shown you my Backyard monthly Gardening tour(June 2020)This year, I planted my seedlings in the month of may, 2020, but due to uncertain weather conditions here in Canada, we had snow in the month of may also.

So my most vegetables were burnt, only Cabbage, Strawberry and Peas plants were saved. If you like this video, then Watch my other gardening series Videos on my channel here.

October 2019 Fall Backyard Garden Tour

Today in this video I’ve shown Backyard Garden tour, where you can see the effect of fall on Plants. I moved my all containers into Garage and you’ll see in November Tour Video, whether they are going to grow there or not?

September 2019 Backyard Gardening Tour

We all know the importance of Garden, means Plants. All food Come from Plants and then to make money from it, the food is processed and go To Food Store Shelves.

But the food we get in Boxes, bottles, packages, tins etc. is not real food, it is just made for Commercial Business to make Money from it. So try to eat Plant based more food and try to grow as many as Vegetables in your Garden.

Even if you don’t have space, still you can Grow some Herbs in Pots or Grow Bags.

How to Grow Sarson Saag in Water?

In this Video you’ll Learn here ‘how to grow Sarso plant’? Sarson Saag is very popular in Punjabi Culture and I’m Punjabi, so I tried my best to share with my Viewers.

There are many ways to grow your vegetables; such as- you can grow in Pots, Grow Bags, in Soil and also some Herbs you can grow in Water.

August 2019 Backyard Garden tour

I learned a lot with my own experience within last eight years while gardening, and I got so much success to grow Perennials and to grow especially Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Beans, Methi, Basil, Mint, Zucchinis, Squashes, Bitter Gourd, Bottle Gourd, Eggplants, Blueberries, Blackberries etc.

If you did not get the Success to grow; Carrots, Radishes, Turnips, peas.

I decided not to grow those vegetables, which take long time to reach at the stage to harvest and will grow only those that take less time to ripe or reach the stage of harvesting, because here in Canada Summer is so short.

How to Grow Fenugreek or Methi without Soil?

Growing fenugreek or methi at home without soil?
Growing fenugreek or methi at home is so Easy that even anybody can grow it.
The purpose of showing this Video is to give little inspiration to my viewers to grow fresh herbs indoor, even when the weather condition is not cool (like here in Canada Snow in Winter)
Even you don’t have to make your hands dirty with Soil to Grow it and Eat fresh right from your own Kitchen Corner.

August 2019 Backyard Garden Tour Video

You can watch this small Video Tour of my August, 2019 Backyard Garden Tour. Gardening is my hobby and I love to grow different kind of flowers, vegetables and Shrubs.

Harvesting Vegetables from Backyard Garden July 2019

Thin is month of July, 2019 and my Vegetables just started to be ready to harvest.

In this Video, you can watch me, harvesting some Vegetables; such as Lima Beans, French Beans, Mint, Zucchinis, Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Spinach and Methi(Fenugreek) This is my Reward , which I work for my Garden and when Guests, who come to my home and praise, They also Enjoy the Beauty of these all Fresh Plants(Perennials, Annuals and Vegetables)

How to Grow Wheat Grass in Water?

How to grow wheatgrass without soil in Water or How to make wheatgrass juice to lose weight or stay healthy? In this video I have shown how to grow wheatgrass without soil and how to harvest when it is ready to Make Juice from it?

Wheatgrass is very easy to grow and can easily be grown without soil in any Corner of your Home.

It can be grown almost for free, because you don’t have to Buy expensive special something to Grow it, but you can use something that is already in your home; such as Cookie Box or anything like that.

July 2019 Front Yard Garden Tour

Today in this small video, you can watch Front Yard Garden Tour and have the idea to make your own Garden even in very little Space.

July 2019 Backyard Gardening Tour Video 

In this Video, you can watch backyard Garden Tour, which can Inspire you to grow your own food. Here I have a variety of Perennial plants and many types of Vegetables; such as-bottle gourd, mint, spinach, blueberries, oregano, basil, coriander, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, peas, French beans, lima beans and much more.

Backyard May 23 Garden Tour Video

In this Video I’ve shown my Backyard Garden, but due to wind my voice is not that clear.

This year I’ve planned to grow a lot more vegetable than last all years.
So I’m trying to Grow Vegetables in Grow bags, containers and of course in land.

October 2018 Backyard Winter Snow Garden Tour

How to make Homemade Pesticide to Control Bugs?

This is the easiest method for making Homemade Pesticide to control all kind of Insects for your Plants.
You can make it only for one dollar and without any harmful effects to your Plants.
This involves no harmful chemical.

  1. You need Garlic cloves duly peeled off and cut in big
  2. Mint leaves
  3. Green chili or Red chili powder


  1. Boil in water everything together for 10-15 minutes and let it cool to room temperature
  2. Put in the spray bottle and use every 15 days

September 2018 Front yard Garden Tour

In the monthly gardening series, you can have the idea of Small Space Garden, when you have very little space to make it.

1- Front Yard Garden in the month of September, 2018 looks more nice within the three months from June, 2018 to September, 2018.

2- From this small Video Gardening tour, you can have a lot of interesting gardening tips to build your own Garden include Edges and lawn.

How I Build Backyard Raised Garden Beds Almost Free?

Here this short video showing you how I build my raised beds for my backyard garden almost for very little Cost, but they look awesome.

To make these kind of Raised flower Beds, you don’t have to pay to someone make them. Just you can use leftover stuff from other jobs that you have done in the past or Buy Cheap ones.

I used on the sides small bricks and they were all at my home for last four years. Building a raised vegetable garden with Concrete Blocks or small bricks is really rewarding experience.

The garden bed idea out of Blocks and Bricks came in my mind. I tried to make one, it started to look nice and then I used a Variety of stuff to make all five flower/vegetable Beds.

Once you have learnt these simple Skills you can build a Raised Bed any size or shape using different Variety of stuff.

Monthly Backyard Garden Series video July 2018

It’s the end of July 2018.
Today is July 29, 2018 Sunday.
Due to more Cold here in Canada, we can start growing our plants, it’s little late than hot countries.
I wanted to take a little time and give you a tour of my ‘Backyard Garden’ what’s growing on in the garden in June 2018.
This year, I have 100% Perennial Shrubs in my Backyard Garden, because Perennials come back each year.

This way we can Save some money and time by not growing each year and Second reason of growing perennials is, because they increase the Home resale value and third reason to grow Perennials is, because I love them.
Which Herbs do I have in my Backyard Garden in July 2018?

  1. Two Plants of Tomatoes
  2. Mint
  3. Onion Chives
  4. Two kind of Basil
  5. Pepper
  6. Green Chili
  7. Lettuce
  8. Methi Leaves
  9. Chick Pea Leaves
  10. Beans
  11. Two Watermelon Wines
Harvesting & Garden Tour Videos
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