Free vs Paid Platform to start a Blog

Here in this post I will teach you to Start your own Blog, not only Blog, but how and where to Start a Blog? How to Monetize your Blog and Make some Extra Cash with it for your Pocket Money and even a lot more.

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Blogger is free blogging platform to start your own Blog!
Start your Website with WordPress

WordPress Platform is Really Really Simple to Use.  I can say this  with my own experience.

When I started Blogging, I  knows nothing about WordPress and today I’m having my own Three Niche Websites with WordPress, which are Making Money.

Having a Niche Website is really blessing, which is making money Online, because you can have more time to spend with your family, friends, do some necessary Stuff to Make your Health Good; such as Yoga and Meditation, because when your Niche Website is establish, it starts making money, even while you’re Sleeping or even you don’t work for sometime.

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 What is Blog?

In simple words, regularly Updated Website or Web Page, typically one that is run by an individual or small Group, which is written in an informal or Conversational Style.

According to Wikipedia,

“A Blog (a truncation of the expression Weblog) is a Discussion or Informational Website  Published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal Diary-style text entries (“Posts”)Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent Post appears first, at the top of the web Page”

Two Ways to start your Blog!

Because Blog is is so popular nowadays, so finding the Best Platform for your requirements is important.

In my opinion the Platform should be  Easy to Use and at the same time provides you with the Customization Tools you’re looking for to give your Readers everything, they need to Read and Interact with your Blog.

Even there are some platforms, which Provide both, Free and Paid Services.

This comprehensive Guide will explain about Free and Paid(Premium) Blogging Platforms, so Please keep on Reading…

SiteGround Reviews are by Real Customers, who used it for a while
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  1. Free Platform
  2. Premium Platform

First we’ll discuss here to start a Blog for free. Free is not a bad idea at all.

Sometimes, even we want to do something just as a Hobby or to learn some Skills.

Then no need to spend your Hard Earned Money.  As I started with Free Platforms, learned a lot and then moved to Paid Platform.

Free Platforms to Start a Blog

There are many free Blogging Platforms, where you can start your first Blog and learn some Skills to grow it as a Business.

Yes, please note that while using Free Platforms, there are some limitations as well. For example to increase the functionality of your Website, you can not use Good Plugins and not even use Ads to make money in most of free Platforms.

On, you can start your Blog entirely Free of Cost with a little Customisation. is not directly related to, which is one of the Most Popular open Source CMS Software.

There are many Limitations to

To Increase the functionality, you can not install Plugins on your Blog, which is one of the Best Features of using WordPress. is pre-hosted Blogging Package, which you don’t need to Host and of course you don’t need to Buy a Domain Name for it.

Instead, you’ll get a SUB-DOMAIN on the This means your Blog Name would have at the end. For

So starting a Blog with is Easy, because you don’t have to Buy Hosting, Buy Domain and even Install the Software. Despite of doing all this work, you’ve to Sign Up for an Account with and you can Start Blogging in 2 minutes.

But many Users, who don’t like the limitations, they switch from to Self-hosted

I started my Blog at couple of years ago, learned a  little bit, but got no visitors at all to my Blog. Then  I Stopped and moved to

Publish your Passions, your Way, where you can Create a Unique and Beautiful Blog, which is not only Easy, but also Free!

The beauty to use Blogger is that, by doing things, you can learn about Blogging and even Make Money at the same time through Adsense and Affiliate Marketing(such as Amazon and many more)

I created two Blogs on and both started to get good amount of Traffic and I made my first Check from Amazon $132 and then what happened? I thought why not make my Blogs look  more professional and I changed the free Domains to dot com.

But I made the mistake by not redirecting the Traffic from old Domain to New Domain. Due to that all traffic became Zero. It happened due to the Lack of Knowledge. With this frustration I stopped blogging for two years.

At that time I was just beginner, still I’m  not that expert, yes now I knows little bit more than that time and being frustrated, I stopped at that point.

But I saved one of my Two Blogs, which was about Christmas Bedding Sets and after the gap of almost two years, when there was again urge to write something or start something, then Ease Bedding Blog was launched and it is bringing around $500-700 monthly with only one type of Monetize method and that is Affiliate Marketing and only until now it is Amazon.

Even I got few emails from Companies to promote their Products, but I am focusing on only Amazon Affiliate Program, because People love to Buy from Amazon due to Great faith on their Products.

I was lucky that I saved one Blog and due to that, from the first month Ease Bedding Blog started to make little Money.

SiteGround is a popular shared hosting provider that offers its users multiple different hosting options.
SiteGround Hosting

Up to six months it was making only around $25 to $30 then  in sixth month $120, then again $70 and after that over $600 monthly and even in October, 2016, it made two Thousand five hundred Dollars in one Month due to Festivals Season- Christmas Holidays.

Yes, there is very big drawback of using, which is, they can DELETE your Blog any time, even Sometimes without knowing, someone makes any mistake to break their TOS( so please read their Blogger Content Policy).

Tumblr is so Easy to use and has a Dashboard, which provides a live feed

from Blogs that the user is following. Each User has his/her own Tumblelog, where they can Publish Short Posts of Text, Images, Quotes, Links, Videos, Audio and Chats.

Tumblr lets you Create Static Pages; for example your own Questions Page that people are automatically taken to when they ask you a question.

Tumblr is FREE to use.

So everyone from Celebrities to Teenagers are using Tumblr.

Tumblr is Great for  people, who prefers to PUBLISH Quick Multimedia Posts, especially from their Mobile Devices.

To Register and start Using it, you need Valid email Address, Password and a Username.

Registration gives you the Access to the Basic FEATURES of TUMBLR at no Cost.

Tumblr is known for Informal Micro-blogging, which is longer than a Tweet, but not as long or Professional as a Full-Blown Article or Post.

Advantages of Having a Blog

  • Blog can become a Great Source of  Income
  • Blog keeps you Busy all the time by writing  Posts/Pages, Reading etc, which will help you to stay healthy. People, who sit free or just watch Idot Tv Shows, they become very agitated, but on the other side, here you’re doing something good, investing your time to make your Blog and even not only making yourself Busy, but also helping others by teaching them, which can help them to Buy something useful from your Blog or Learn something new.
  • You can make New friends through Blogging and you’ll never feel alone. You’re talking to your Readers, through emails, through comments etc.
  • Believe me since I’m  having my Blog and I started to learn about Blogging, I don’t go to Doctor’s Office like before, because now I don’t want to waste my time for sitting their and waiting for them to write any prescription. I do Natural things to Stay Healthy; such as Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, Walk, Healthy Diet by Cooking  myself and rest all the  time spending on my Blogging Business, which is really good to do, because now I am making good Amount of Money from my Blogging Business!
  • If your English is not Good and English is your Second Language, your English also improves, while writing and reading. English is my Second Language, so I can say by my own experience that it improves!
  • It is Easy to Design a Blog with WordPress and Designing a Blog can be an Excellent Source of Part time/Full Time Income
  • You should start a Blog and it is Easier than ever before and the wonderful thing about the Blog is that you can write anything. Anything means, you can even express your thoughts by writing them and it can release your Stress.
  • You can also extend your Blog into an Awesome eBook
  • Your Blog can be very Profitable for you, because there are some Companies, which will pay you just for Trying out a Product, Reviewing Goods or Services!
  • Some Reputed companies willing to Pay you a lot of Money for your honest Review and this is another Way to Start a Blog to write about Product Reviews
  • Once your Blog is established, you can sell Stuff
  • You can start a Blog to Make Video Tutorials, where you can Review Products or Teach something is another Way to make some Money
  • You Can Start a Blog to Provide a personal Teaching. If you’re gifted enough to know Multiple languages. So why not use these Skills for your Advantage and Make some Extra Cash. So you can Create A Blog advertising your Services and Method of Teaching. Depending on your Students’ preferences, you can Assist them Online through Skype!
  • Start a Blog  and Become an Affiliate Marketer. Simply Put Affiliate Links or Banners on your Blog Pages/Posts and even Banners on Sidebar can help you to Make Decent Amount of Money. So there is huge possibility to Earn some Extra Cash through Affiliate Links. Did you know there are so many Companies, which have Affiliate Programs; such As Amazon Associate and many  more….
  • Creating a Blog is an effective Way to address your Customers’ concerns, keep them up to date on trends affecting your industry  and help them address problems, which they are facing in their Business. You’ll Build Trust with Readers by providing Real Value!
  • Blogging is a Marketing Investment in the long run.
  • You can get more Clients to your Existing Business with a Blog, because regularly Updated Blog can produce a Constant stream of Good Leads from all around the World.
  • Anybody, who wants to share his/her expertise can start a Blog. And over time when you write more posts and Share more and more your expertise your Blog become Popular in your Audiences.
  • Good Blogs help its Readers by offering different kind of  information
  • Starting a Blog is so Cheap even with few Dollars you can start it. Start your Blog today with Site Ground
  • The Big Advantage of starting a Blog is that it is extremely Profitable!
  • You can Start your Blog from any Corner of your Home, because you don’t need a lot of Space to start it. Just need small Table to put your Laptop and you’re ready to launch a Blog, which is going to turn in long run a Profitable Online Business.
  • Overall Blogging Opens Intangible Doors, which benefit you in the long run
  • Whether you Blog to  express your Passion for your Hobbies or Blog to help Promote a Business, Blog is a Great Way to connect to the Real World these days

Start a Blog with WordPress to Make Money

Here in this paragraph, we’re not talking about, but

I am trying my best to give all the Instructions Step by Step to Walk you through every Detail.

To Start a Blog, you need Computer, Internet and basic knowledge of Computer Skills.

Yes you should be ready to invest your time to work for your Blog, read others’ Blog Posts/Pages, write Comments etc.

While doing all these things, one day you’ll become an Expert Blogger.

If you’re ready to do all above things, then you can have a Popular Blog very soon…

WordPress is popular Blogging Software and a Content Management System.

Whether you want a Personal Blog, a New Website or full Fledged Corporate Website, WordPress can be used to Create that Website.

Even more than 23% of Websites are powered by WordPress and I love myself it a lot, because it is so Easy to learn and use as well.

WordPress is so Easy to Use and very Simple to Set Up. Once you start your first Blog and start using it, it will take some time to getting used to it.

Once you learn to use it, you can Create all sorts of Websites with it!

There are a lot of guides Online, which you can follow to know exactly What WordPress is? What it does, how you can benefit from it and How you can Start Using it? You will get all answers Online for your questions. Even you can watch YouTube Videos on this particular topic. Nowadays things are much more easier than ever before, due to New Technology.

With, you host your own Blog or Website, as I am using for my Three Blogs. is that, where you can find the Free WordPress Software, which you can download and Install on your Own Web Server(for example my hosting Company is Site Ground) for my Three Blogs.

On the other hand takes care of, all of the Hosting for you. So you don’t have to Download Software, Pay for Hosting or even manage a Web Server.

Why to Make Website with WordPress.Org?

  1. WordPress has hundreds of Free Themes and even Pro. It is up to you, if in the beginning of your Blogging Carrier, you don’t want to spend Money, then better to choose Free Theme and when your Blog is getting more Traffic, then you can change it. As I started with Free Theme for my Ease Bedding Blog and after six months, Traffic was increased and my Blog started to Make over $ 500, then I switched to Pro for same Theme
  2. There are so many Free and Paid Plugins available with to increase the Functionality of your Blog and make it look  more Professional. Until now, still I am using all free Plugins.
  3. You can Create any type of Blog; such as-Personal, Fashion, Bedding, Gardening, Toys, Games, Photography, Food, Fitness, Recipe, Sports, Luggage, Electronics, Blogging, about everything etc

Steps to Start your own Website

👉Buy Hosting from Site Ground at very Low Price

Step 1: Buy Hosting Plan

Why to use Site Ground Hosting Plan?

Site Ground has Awesome WordPress Tools For fast development and easy management of your site:-

  • 1-Click Installer

    Launch your website with a click.
    On all plans

  • Autoupdates

    Always have the latest WP version.
    On all plans


    3 levels of caching for an ultra-fast site.
    On Grow Big & Go Geek

  • WordPress Staging

    Easily test and deploy changes.
    On GoGeek & higher

  • Git Pre-Installed

    Interface for Git repo creation.
    On GoGeek & higher.

  • We Assume, you’re ready to Buy your Hosting Plan from Site Ground,

Then GO HERE,  Buy the Plan, which  is suitable for your Blog needs.

As I started Ease Bedding Dot Com with Start Up, then moved to Grow Big

 Means my Three blogs are on two different Grow Big accounts and one is as a Addon, because I made my both blogs as a Prime to the accounts.

If you’re Beginner, then StartUp is the best option to choose, which is very Cheap to start and have your own independent Blog.

As you’ll get more Traffic and your Blog will establish, then you can move to higher Plan as I did.

Site Ground has three plans and one can sign for any of them with a great discount through my ➡ This Affiliate link (just click on Affiliate link and follow along).

  • The StartUp plan is perfect for people with one website, means who are just starting as a beginner, then the Price is very low and one can Afford Easily
  • The Grow Big plan is a great value for money offer, including the option for multiple websites and the Super Cacher that greatly improves a WordPress and Joomla website speed
  • The Go Geek plan is perfect for people with e-commerce and larger sites, or more geeky development needs like staging and GIT integration.

Click Here to Claim this Exclusive Site Ground Offer

Please Note: If you Sign Up with Site Ground, using my Referral Link, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you(in fact you’ll save some Money).

I will get this commission by recommending Site Ground Hosting.

I am recommending it, because I am using it personally and really I love it due to fast Service and so many other good things.

I hope, you’ll Buy your Hosting with my Referral Link and grow your own Blog there like me.

Choose your Hosting Plan!

Tips While Choosing Domain Name

  • Domain Name of your Blog should be Easy to Type, not complicated or too long
  • Domain Name should be Short and make it Pronounceable
  • Don’t Use other Company’s Brand Names or Trademarked Slogans
  • Make sure that Blog’s Name Make Sense. For example my own
  • Try to avoid Numbers and Hyphens, because it makes hard to explain to others. Simple and Short Names that have no Numbers and Hyphens in them are more Easy to Remember.
  • By keeping all above Tips in your mind, then Search for Domain Name.

Choosing Domain

Clients can choose to buy a new domain, or even sign up with an existing domain.

This is a good place to emphasize the free Website transfer that is included in the Site Ground hosting service.

When I moved from Hostgator, I got this great service Free to transfer my Website on this Hosting Plan.

Step 2: Install WordPress on Site Ground

WordPress Installation Confirmation

After the WordPress Software installation, you get no reply message from Site Ground and above picture!

If you find difficulty to install WordPress, then submit the Ticket to Siteground from user area, they will install it for you!

They’re very helpful!

Their customer Service is so good, that’s why I am recommending this hosting Siteground, Just Buy from Here.

Try, you’ll definitely love it!

You can also take Advantage of their Video Lessons and with those Lessons, you can Learn more about WordPress 😄😄

  1. So let’s assume you’re going to buy Hosting from siteground and then install WordPress on your Siteground
  2. Now you can start adding content and manage your Website Design anytime from your WordPress admin panel. To go ahead and start managing your website, simply use your Credentials
  3. Then  you will see there Dashboard, Media, Pages, Comments, Contact, Appearance→ when you’ll click on Appearance, there you can see Themes, from there you will be able to change the Theme according to your own choice.

Step 3: Start Blogging

Now the real Blogging work starts. There are Pages and Posts to write. As saying goes, ‘Content is king’ 👑👑

Write valuable Content, which is Unique!

If you’re not ready to Publish your Article at the same time, then Save it as a Draft and when it is fully Complete, then only PUBLISH it!

After Publishing your Article, share it on Social Media!

  • Submit your Blog with Google Search Console and Verify your Blog
  • Use Google Analytics to see Status of your Blog
  • Don’t forget to share on Pinterest, which is very popular and you can get a lot of Traffic from there just for Free by Making your Pinterest Board and sharing your pins.

This is the only Guide you you’ll ever need to Start your first Blog and Make Money Online!

How to Make Money with your Blog?

Question:  Is it Easy to Make Money with your Blog or Tough?

Answer: Answer is Both, depends on How much your Blog is getting Traffic and how much efforts you’re putting in it.

So with my personal experience, I have learned along the way since I am Blogging.  Adsense doesn’t work for New Blogs or can say those Blogs, which don’t have much Traffic, they don’t make much Money with Adsense.

Personally I don’t like to use Adsense Ads, they make your pages look awful and they distract visitors from Reading your articles, so I don’t use Adsense Ads.

Question: Is there any other way that New Blogs can start Making some Cash?

Answer: In that scenario, when Blog is totally New or not having much Traffic, then Affiliate Marketing  works good in my opinion, because when someone comes to your Blog, they will Buy something, what your Blog offers.

As my Ease Bedding Blog, even from first month of its Creation, started to make, I think few dollars.

Now, the question arises, which Affiliate Marketing is good?

It is very personal, which Affiliate Program you want to use and depends on the Nature of your Blog as Well.

I will write down the names of few

And there are many more in the Market!

Choose wisely!

After signing with any of the above or even any other, start promoting their Products through your Pages and Posts. Even you can use their Banners as well, because most of Companies have banners too.

Banner of SiteGround Affiliate Marketing
SiteGround Affiliate Banner

When someone Buy something through your Affiliate Link, then you’ll get Commission.

Wow, now your Blog started to Earn!! Enjoy💰💰🤑🤑🤑

Nowadays, we can read other Bloggers Income Reports, which they share and it’s really interesting to Read other Bloggers’ Income Reports that motivates you to keep working Persistently and Consistently for your Blogging Business.

Free vs Paid Platform to start a Blog

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