You can work from Home and Make Money with Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is essentially an exercise in Revenue sharing that sees a company pay someone a Commission in exchange for Referred Business. 

Most of us want to Make Money Online in our part time or even full time.

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Work at Home Affiliate: Start a New Affiliate Business Through Product Launch Selling & Amazon Associates Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a big Industry and has become a key source of Online Income for many thousands of professional Bloggers. 

Especially those, who have to stay at Home; for example Moms, Seniors and even who are laid off from their Jobs, they can spend their free time to Make some extra Cash.

Question: Is it possible to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

Answer: Yes, you can make Money with Affiliate Marketing Program and this I can say with my own experience.

As I am Making Money with my Ease Bedding Dot Com, which sells Amazon Products and  is making around $500-700 monthly by the time of writing this post, May 7, 2020 and I hope it is going to grow more in future!

you can make money online while others sleep!
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Sometimes  we read advertisements, ‘Make Money just by Joining Our Program or by doing very little work’.

In my opinion, if you’re serious to Make Money Online, then you have to work hard, like we do in any other Job to Make Money.

When you read or listen to someone saying that Making Money Online is just fun or so Easy, I don’t believe in that, because it is not Easy, but for sure, anybody, who is doing hard work and at the same time on the right direction, will succeed definitely to Make Money Online.

There are many Ways to Make Money Online and the one that I like the most, is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing has become one of the Top Business Opportunities Online, because the Startup costs are almost Zero. But the Income you Generate can be a lot from it; such as from couple of hundreds to thousands of dollars.

The best thing to promote Affiliate Marketing is that, if you have your own BLOG and sending your Traffic to somebody else’s Site to Buy their Products or Services.

For every Sale initiated by a Unique link from your site, you Earn Affiliate Sale Commission.

Why to spend months on Creating your own and thousands to get the ball rolling, when there is Easy Way to Join an Affiliate Program, grab your Unique ID and promote it right away and it is really popular method to make money online nowadays.

You can make your first Sale within few days, not even Weeks.

In the Beginning when your Blog is New and when you’re not getting  Traffic from Search Engines, you can spend some time writing Useful Comments and you can get some Free Traffic.

Actually you, as a Publisher, will be Rewarded when you help a Business by promoting their Products or Services.

For example, if you Sign Up for ‘Amazon Associate Program‘ and Promote its Products according to your own Choice by seeing the Nature of your Website/Blog and you will get a Commission. When you send the Visitor from your Site, makes a Purchase or Buy something from Amazon, then you get Commission.

Earn Money Filling Internet Surveys

Affiliate Marketing is one of the Quickest and Cheapest way(most of Affiliate Programs are usually Free) to Make Money Online, even the time, when your Website or Blog is not getting much Traffic!

Affiliate Marketing  can be done Part time/Full time and many Bloggers are so Successful to Make Money with it.

As I am Homemaker and I started it from filling Surveys, where I didn’t Make Money at all.

Then I signed up with Max Bounty and I worked with them almost for a year or so  and that time I learned about Affiliate Marketing.

Making Money with Maxbounty CPA marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.

I used to make around $100 monthly, but that time I was not having any website or Blog.

Then I made my own Blog on and started to Promote Amazon’s Products and now I am having This Recipes with More.

To Start as an  Affiliate Marketer, you must have a Blog on which to place your Affiliate Links to the Products you Recommend.

How To Make $100k A Year Thanks To Affiliate Marketing Part 1

There are Two Ways to Start your own Blog and  to learn more about starting your own Blog, 👉 Check This One Here.

Good Luck!

Hosting Affiliate Programs to Join

  1. Namecheap
  2. GoDaddy
  3. Site Ground, is my Hosting Company for my Two  Blogs and I joined it as an Affiliate as well. So If you’ll click on the link and Buy Hosting/Domain  or any other Product through my affiliate link, I will make little commission.→ JUST CLICK THIS LINK TO BUY SITEGROUND HOSTING
  4. Bluehost
  5. A2 Hosting
  6. DreamHost
  7. Hostgator
  8. and many more

There are many hosting Affiliate Programs to Join and Make Money with them.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

According to Wikipedia

“Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer bought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.”

What is Affiliate Marketing

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As you can see above picture, it means, Affiliate Marketing is about relationships between Three Parties-Advertiser, Publisher and Consumer.

In simple words, Affiliate Marketing is one of oldest forms of Marketing, wherein you refer somebody to any Online Product and when that person Buys that Product according to your Recommendation, then you receive Commission.

The Commission varies from Cents to Thousand of Dollars, depends upon what Product you’re Promoting.

Companies Track with the Tracking URL(a Unique Link given to you by the Affiliate Company)

There are Several Affiliate Platforms, who host Affiliate Programs for many Businesses.

For example ShareAsale is one of these Big Affiliate Platforms and many Bloggers use them.

Sometimes you love to read again and again Some Blogs’ Articles to get some information. To give the Author of that Blog some Reward, you can purchase any product through his Affiliate links, which he has mentioned in his Blog Posts.

If you want to Decorate your Bedroom or want to Buy any type of Bedding Sets, Comforters, Quilts, Blankets, Pillow Shams, Window Curtains/Drapes, you can Check my Blog Ease Bedding, where you can search to Find the Product and Buy through my Amazon Affiliate Links.

As until now by the time of writing this article, May 14, 2020 Amazon is my alone one Source of Income from my Ease Bedding Blog and now I’m planning to start some more Ways and on this BLOG, which I just started, I’m going to use different Ways to Earn Money from Blogging; such as Site Ground Hosting Affiliate links and some other hosting companies.

This Unique URL keeps Track all of the Traffic and Sales you’re Making with your Blog/Website or even any other Promotional Techniques!!

These days most of Online Companies, who Sell Products; such as Bedding Sets, Handbags, Hosting and so many other Products, most of the times there is possibility that they also Offer an Affiliate Program; such as Site Ground. Site Ground is very popular hosting Company and my both blogs host with them.

Please Note: For example here, if you’ll Click on 👉THIS LINK, which is Special and Unique Link, and it is given to me By my Hosting Company after signing up with them for their Affiliate Program. If you Buy Hosting from Site Ground, then I will get some commission, which will not Cost to you something Extra, but you’ll get some discount with my affiliate link.

I hope now you’ll understand a bit about Affiliate Marketing and you know what? when you Sign Up and start promoting their Products, then  make some Commission, that is the real way to understand a lot more than by reading.

Niche Affiliate Marketing is very Attractive, because it costs very little and requires very little Upkeep and Maintenance once a good Amount of Traffic is Established.

Start your Blog today with Site Ground!

Starting a Successful Niche Site is all about Picking the Right Keywords so that you can Rank in the Search Engines!

It is so easy and Inexpensive to Start a Blog with WordPress.

The Best thing about Niche Affiliate Site is that you can Run it from anywhere. And there is no Inventory and Customer Service is involved to Run Niche Affiliate Sites.

Question: How much does it Cost to Join an Affiliate Program?

Answer:  There is no fee to Join most of the  Affiliate Programs.

Question:  Which Affiliate Program is best?

Answer:  Depends on your Blog’s nature

As I am promoting Bedding sets, Comforters, Quilts, Blankets, Pillow Shams, Curtains, Beds, Rugs etc. in my Ease Bedding Blog and in Recipes with More I am promoting Site Ground Hosting Products  and many more Products on very Affordable Prices!

There are many Ways to Make Money Online and the one that I like the most, is Affiliate Marketing.

How to Become an Affiliate for Amazon? 

How to Sign Up for Amazon Affiliate Program?

 Steps are given below, please read them carefully and if you’re willing to Join, then follow all these Steps.

Steps to Join the Program

Become an Amazon Associate or How to Become an Affiliate for Amazon

Step One:-  Setup your Website or Blog

To apply for the Amazon Associate Program, you’ll need a Website or Blog.

When you are going to apply for the Program, you also have to explain what your website is about, other Advertising or Affiliate Listings on your Site and who your Target Audiences are? 

Learn to Make your own Blog now

Step Two:

Make Money Advertising Amazon Products
  1. If you’re already a member, then put your information and sign in. If you’re not a member yet, then as you can see Red arrow above, click on the-Join now for Free!
  2. After clicking on the Button, Join now for Free, next form is like Below Associates Program Application

In the column, fill your email and Click on-I am a new customer. Then click on Sign in using our secure server.

3. Next you’ll be on the Registration Page, where you’re going to fill the below columns:

  • My name is:  Your Name
  • My email address:  Your email address
  • Birthday: It is Optional
  • Then Protect your information with a Password
  • Enter a New Password
  • Type it again: again your New Password and then Continue

4.  Next Page you can see is about Account Information; such as

  • Payee Name: Your real Name
  • City: Your City
  • State, Province or Region
  • Zip or Postal Code
  • Country: Country of your Residence
  • Phone Number
  • Then Click your next Website Profile

5. Your Website Profile

Fill all the correct information under your Website Profile.

6. Thank you for applying to the Associates Program

7. Your Payment Method

8. Last you will see Amazon Affiliate Dashboard

We assume now you have your own Blog or Website and you applied for Amazon Associates Program as well.

You can start promoting their products, which you think are most suitable for the nature of your Website.

Even you don’t have to Sell Products all the time to Make a Commission. Different Affiliate Programs use different Payment Terms; such as:-

  1. Pay Per Sale: In this Program, the Merchant pays to the percentage of the Sale Price when the Purchase is Completed Successfully. Means in Online Advertising Payment Model, which  is based Solely on Qualifying Sales.
  2. Pay Per Click:  PPC stands for Pay Per Click, means a Model Internet Marketing in which Advertisers Pay a Fee each time, when one of their Add is Clicked. Search Engine is one of the most popular forms of PPC. For example Search Engines such as Google allow Businesses and Individuals to Buy listings in their Search Results. And these listings appear alongside and increasingly above the non-paid Organic Search Results. Then Google paid every time when a User Clicks on the Sponsored Listing.
  3.  Pay Per Lead: In this Program, you get Paid once the Referred Visitor provides his/her Contact Information on the Target Site by Filling Out a Simple Contact form. With MaxBounty, I used to promote their couple of Survey Programs and when the Visitor used to fill the form, then I used to make the Commission from them. Means in Pay Per Lead Program, the Advertiser only Pays for Leads Generated at their Destination Site. No Payment is made for visitors that don’t Sign Up.