Pakora Recipe at home

After all food is so important for our health to keep us  healthy.

Sometimes we like to eat something Salty and fried, nothing bad if we eat once a while fried food. Yes it should be fresh made in our own Kitchen.

I don’t like to eat any food from the Market and it is so oily and expensive at the Same time.

Not only this, you have to wait a lot to buy Snacks from any Restaurant; such as Pizza or Pakoras etc.

Pakora Recipe at home

Today I’m excited to share this Unique Pakora Recipe, which takes only 10 minutes to Make it fresh and Crispy Pakoras in your own Kitchen.

I believe your Kids going to love these Homemade Pakoras.

Even sometimes you get Phone that some Guests are coming to your Home and outside is very Cold like here in Canada or due to any reason, you can’t go to Buy something to eat as a Snacks for your Guests with Tea. Then you can Make Pakoras in only in 10 Minutes.

Especially in Indian families, Pakors are so important to be there in any function.

Here you have to learn to Make Basic Pakora Batter, so your Pakors become Crunchy and Delicious.

Sometimes our Kids don’t like to eat vegetables, but Vegetables are so good due to their Health Benefits for us.

My this Crispy Pakora Recipe is for them, whose Kids don’t eat Vegetables, they can add as many as Vegetables they want to give their Kids in Pakora Batter.

I’m sure Your Kids going to love these Pakors, they are much more healthy and better than Market Snacks; such as Pizza.

Ingredients are

  • One Grated Carrot
  • Half Chopped Onion
  • Methi Leaves
  • Coriander Leaves
  • One Bell Pepper chopped
  • Green Chili  is optional if you want your Pakors more Spicy, then add it.
  • Cooking Oil
  • Fry Pan
  • Spices to Add: Salt, Coriander Powder, Turmeric, Oregano Leaves, Mustard Seeds, Ajwain and these all spices you can add according to your own taste.

    Preparation to Make Vegetable Pakora Recipe!

    Tasty pakoras
  1. Wash all Vegetables in Running Tap water and chop them and grate Carrot.
  2. Put Besan(Gram Flour) and all Spices according to taste
  3. Heat your Oil in fry Pan and check with little bit Batter that it is enough hot to fry Pakoras?
  4. Start making your Pakors with your hand or you can use big spoon as well.
  5. Keep on turning after each  minute and when they are Golden brown take them out and put on the paper Towel to Absorb extra Oil.
  6. Serve these Pakoras Hot with Green Chutney and Sauce.

Baingan pakora Recipe Video

Baingan called Eggplant or Brinjal in English is quite popular Sabji in India. According to Ayurveda Baingan is Tamasic, so I don’t use them frequently in my diet.

Yes I do make Pakoras from them once a while, which become so tasty and Crunchy.

Watch below video to learn to make Eggplant Indian Snacks.

Wheat & Chickpea Flour Pakora Recipe

Ingredients Needed

  1. Three parts of wholegrain atta(flour)
  2. One part chick pea flour(Besan)
  3. Fresh chopped coriander
  4. One chopped onion
  5. Boiled and grated one big potato
  6. Oil to fry and frypan to fry in
How to make Vegetable pakoras?