There are so many seasonal vegetables we can get from the market, even if we don’t have our own home grown. Here in Canada, we’re lucky to have all green vegetables to cook and I can not live without vegetables, because most of the times, I make Sabji. Sometimes only, I make Kala chana soup and sometimes Moong or any other Dal. Even I use a lot of green leaves in the dough to make Missi Roti.

I don’t use any frozen vegetables in my Cooking. I always buy fresh vegetables, soak them in water before I chop them to cook.

In this Recipe, I am using no oil, no butter, no cream, no milk, no sugar and nothing packaged. I used all fresh ingredients in this soup, which are easily available and even they are not expensive at all, especially when the season of these vegetables is there.

If you’ll try this Recipe, I’m sure you will surprise to eat this soup, because you can not believe it become so tasty, without adding anything special.

Question 1. What is the best time to eat Soup?

Answer: 1. Best time for soup is dinner, because day time we eat a lot, so we don’t need much for dinner. Second reason by not eating grains dinner time, it is better to eat veg soup, which is easy to digest and easy to prepare.

So by using any vegetables of your choice, you can make soup and enjoy it in dinner time with your family.

Benefits of Eating Soup Dinner Time

  1. Vegetables are easy to get in season and there is a lots of varieties of vegetables, so you can find, which you like the most
  2. Soup is not only easy to cook, but also easy to digest
  3. Instead of eating Roti, Sabji, Rice all the time, you can make soup quickly
  4. You’ll fee light after eating this kind of soup and next day you’ll get up fresh and charge
  5. In my own experience, I have seen that after eating soup in dinner, I sleep very sound
  6. In the long run and with the combination of good diet all the time, you’ll gain good health
  7. Soup helps to weight management
  8. Replace your heavy dinner with light Veg Soup
  9. This soup is made only from vegetables; means no processed food, no grains, no sugar is used.

Needed Ingredients in this Recipe

Detox Vegetable Soup Recipe
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