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Triphala is an Ayurvedic herbal rasayana Churna consisting of equal parts of three myrobalans, taken without seed: Amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica) , Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica), and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula). Means it is combination of Three Fruits, which are very beneficial for our health.

Triphala is the most popular Remedy used in the Indian traditional medicine system of Ayurveda.  

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It has many health benefits and it is very good for Eyes, Skin and Heart.

An ancient Physician Charaka, mentioned Triphala Churna  in different Ayurvedic treatments and crowned it as one of the best Ayurvedic Medicines  to cure several ailments.

It is popular in Ayurveda for its ability to balance the Doshas (the elements of mind and body) and also enhance the process of digestion.

  • Treats Flatulence: It is very good for people, who have acidity problems. It helps to dissolve toxic Acids in the stomach and treats flatulence
  • Weight Loss: It is one of the best Remedies for Weight Loss.
  • It helps in burning and removing excess fat from the body and tones the muscles to give the body good shape. Today there are many products available in the market for Weight Loss, which have their own side effects, but Triphala Churna is very cheap and absolutely Natural product and it works as miracle. So one of the best ways to lose your weight is using the right herbs, such as Triphala Churna
  • Powerful Antioxidant: It is also wonderful antioxidant
  • It Prevents Constipation: It is beneficial for chronic constipation
  • Rich Source of Vitamins: Triphala contains Essential Vitamins including Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex, and Vitamin C
  • It Supports colon and Digestive system
  • It is Ayurveda  formula for constipation
  • It helps to Improve Eyesight

Side Effects of Triphala!

Pregnant women should not use Triphala, because it’s downward flowing energy may favor miscarriage.

High dose of Triphala may induce unwanted side effects- such as, diarrhea is the most common, if the Triphala is taken in large quantity.

Before starting Triphala, talk to your Ayurveda  Doctor.

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Triphala Powder

‘Triphala, literally the word means Three Fruits.

It is a mixture of Three Herbs and all of them are really good for your health.

One of these Three Herbs is Amla, which is really Rich in Vitamin C.

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Always consult with your doctor before starting Triphala.

What can you do with Organic Triphala powder?

Triphala powder has innumerable benefits.

Although it is primarily known and used for constipation and maintaining regularity, its use is believed to provide various health benefits, for example-

Improved digestion, Gastrointestinal tract cleanser, Improve circulation, Improve liver function, Reduce and maintain blood pressure, Anti-inflammatory and Antiviral properties, Boost immune system, Also known to assist in weight management regimen.

We love the numerous benefits of Triphala, however it has a natural bitter taste that may require getting used to.

Health Benefits of Turmeric Powder

Organic Turmeric Root Powder w/ Curcumin | Lab Tested for Purity | 100% Raw from India

Turmeric has been used in India for a long time.

Turmeric is a perennial plant of the ginger family and it is commonly used as a culinary spice in a South Asia.

Turmeric is  used in many spice blends as a flavoring and coloring agent.

It is an orange colored spice and it is part of the ginger family and has been a staple in Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian cooking for many centuries.

I still remember when I was in grade 5th,  at that time we used to live in a village, because my father was a farmer and we used to
have many cows.

There was  a big machine(called Toka in Punjabi), where you can cut grass for the animals and I was sitting on it and playing with it. I cut my finger very badly and was crying a lot.

My mother came and put turmeric powder and wrap my finger with simple cloth, that’s what I remember.

After that I don’t know how many days it took to cure properly and now  I am 55, nobody knows without I tell to somebody about my finger. There is only little bit sign but my finger is absolutely fine.

Now I have my two sons 31 and 28 years old, whenever they have some problem, for example one day my elder son was playing soccer and he fell down, so he had bruises in many parts of his body. I gave him turmeric Milk.

Benefits of Triphala Churna