Celery Juice Health Benefits

Celery Juice Health Benefits

Celery Juice Health Benefits
  • Celery contains special nutrients in its fibers which are realized when the vegetable is juiced. These nutrients promote optimal functioning of the digestive tract by acting as a natural laxative and relaxing the nerves that have been damaged by unhealthy lifestyle and food choices.
  • Celery juice is soothing and cooling to the digestive tract, which aids any inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. 
  • The exceptionally high percentage of natural sodium in Celery can really help you absorb and utilize the rest of the food you consume throughout the day. 
  • Celery is very high in calcium and silicon that help to regenerate and strengthen damaged bones
  • Fresh Celery homemade Green Juice that can be ready in 2 minutes only in any regular Blender
  • Drink when you are in rush
  • Drink next morning when you eat heavy meals night time in parties or eat late nights
  • It can replace your meals
  • This Homemade fresh Green Juice can make you look younger than your Real age, when you drink it continuously each morning.
  • Make you full for at least two hours
  • It is good when someone is feeling like vomiting or nausea
  • This magical juice is extremely hydrating and alkaline, making it effective for balancing the body’s pH level and neutralizing any acidity in the body. This, in turn, helps protect healthy cells and balance essential mineral levels, lowering the risk of heart disease, protecting bone density, reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, and helping to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Drinking fresh homemade Celery juice will be an extremely beneficial practice to incorporate into your life.

How to Make Celery juice?

Making Celery juice is so Simple that anybody can make it in very little time, even you don’t have to Buy Juicer to make Celery Juice. 

You only need Blender that we  all have in our Kitchens and Celery is the best and Cheap that you can buy it only for 99 Cents, rest you can add herbs; such as Mint and fresh Coriander leaves

You Need for Celery Juice

  • One and half fresh stalks of celery
  • Any regular Blender
  • Half Squeezed lemon Juice at home
  • Pink Salt
  • Fresh Water 

Instructions to Make Celery Juice

  • Clean the celery and wash it thoroughly in Running water and cut it in big pieces
  • Squeeze lemon juice
  • Use blender to blend Celery with some drinking water
  • Strain it with strainer and add lemon juice and Pink Salt
  • Drink it right away and don’t eat anything else at least for an hour

Try using different herbs and spices to add zest to your drink if you want to liven it up a bit. Some people recommend drinking celery juice on its own, but you can also experiment with adding different herbs, as I have shown in the video (I used Mint, Coriander leaves and fresh lemon juice)

Benefits of Celery Juice & how to make it?

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